Temecula Valley American Little League: Juniors/Seniors

Thursday, September 18
Real Baseball

Our goal for the Junior/Senior program is to provide a competetive environment after Majors.  This is for all of our players who want to continue to play baseball in a league with over 7 years of 100% participation in a Nationally Recognized Safety Program (ASAP.)

This is a great opportunity to play ball without the pressures, or costs involved with many other programs.  Our fees for Juniors and Seniors will only be $10.00 more than the Majors division!!


Our kid's safety is always our first concern, so we will still have pitch counts in place.  You will play on the best fields available with breakaway bases in place at 90 feet. 

~Juniors division is made up of 13 and 14 year olds.

~Seniors division is from age 14-16.

~Our league will inter league with Murrieta and Menifee to allow for a more diverse schedule.

~All teams will have a chance to advance to the Tournament of Champions.

~All players will be eligible for selection to All Stars at the end of the regular season!

 ~All three Temecula Little Leagues will participate in this program.  This is a great opportunity to play with friends or schoolmates from American, Central, and National Leagues.

Western District Little League has asked us to concentrate on our Junior/Senior program and has promised to help in any way necessary to make sure our program is a success.  The Board of Directors is looking for individuals interested in being a part of this program.  This program is a permanent addition to our league! If you're interested on getting involved from the beginning, contact Tony vicepres@tvall.org for more information.