Teamwork Marketing & Promotions: My Site News: EARLY BIRD SHINES WITH GREAT ACTION, WEATHER

Monday, March 29

    The inaugural Mid-South Early Bird Classic provided an unbelievable weekend of great baseball and unmatched weather. The 39 teams that competed were able to play in early summer temperatures that reached nearly 80 degrees throughout the weekend. And, predicted showers held off until Sunday night.
    What a blessing we all received from our Heavenly Father for the great weekend and relatively few injuries over the 80-plus games!
    The competition was keen as well, highlighted by the 3-2 10-inning semifinal contest between Newburgh and Henry Co. in the 13u division. Most of the games were close and spirited throughout the weekend and good sportsmanship prevailed. Congrats to all...
    The divisional winners are So. IN Spikes (8u), Owensboro Nitro (9u), E'town Thunder (10u), Indy Southside Bulldogs (11u), Murray Thunder (12u championship), King of Diamonds (12u consolation), Owensboro Sandlot Sluggers (13u championship), King of Diamonds (13u consolation), Mt. Vernon Kings (14u).
    Results will be posted to the website for points before the week is out. We hope all teams and families had a great time and will be back for more action later this season in West Kentucky!