Teamwork Marketing & Promotions: Back to School Bash 2008

Schedules as released for 2008 Back To School Bash.
2008 Back To School Bash

Schedules as released for age divisions 7u through Varsity for August 1-3 tournament. The 9u, 14u and JV schedules were REVISED on Wednesday morning from the ones sent to coaches on Monday/Tuesday.

08 BTSB 7u Sched08 BTSB 7u Sched

08 BTSB 8u Sched08 BTSB 8u Sched

08 BTSB 9u REV Sched08 BTSB 9u REV Sched

08 BTSB 10u Sched08 BTSB 10u Sched

08 BTSB 11u Sched08 BTSB 11u Sched

08 BTSB 12u Sched08 BTSB 12u Sched

08 BTSB 13u Sched08 BTSB 13u Sched

08 BTSB 14u REV Sched08 BTSB 14u REV Sched

08 BTSB JV REV Sched08 BTSB JV REV Sched

08 BTSB Varsity Sched08 BTSB Varsity Sched

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