Teamwork Marketing & Promotions: West Ky Inv 2008 Schedule

Schedules for the June 6-8 tourney as they are released on June 3.
2008 West Ky Inv Schedules

Schedules as they are released throughout the day on June 3. The 12u schedule was sent out Wednesday afternoon and a revised 10u schedule was released Wednesday evening. Please note both of those additions/changes.

08 WKI 7-8u Sched08 WKI 7-8u Sched

08 WKI 10u Sched REVISED08 WKI 10u Sched REVISED

08 WKI 12u Sched08 WKI 12u Sched

08 WKI 14u Sched08 WKI 14u Sched

08 WKI 15u Sched08 WKI 15u Sched

08 WKI 16u Sched08 WKI 16u Sched

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