Team Hoyas: Welcome

Fundamental Basketball, Intensity, Teamwork = Champions!!!

INTRODUCTION:  We have a 17U Boys Basketball Team, that will be a great fit for the basketball players that are desiring to take their competitiveness to the next level through hard work, dedication, and commitment to take the challenge of the requirements of Team Hoyas. Usually there will be two or more activities (practices or games) a week and weekends. Players are expected to be committed to the program to be successful.  It is extremely important, if practice need to be missed inform your Coach(s) as soon as possible. Practices are during the week in the evenings. This program is more competitive than a church or recreation program and is not suited for everyone. A strong interest in basketball is very important. The program includes weekend tournaments/games out of state, in state, coaching clinics, and some one-on-one instructions over a four or five month period. Running and other conditioning activities are a part of each practice.  

MISSION:  Team Hoyas 17U basketball program is an Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) team. Our mission is to provide youth with physical, mental and moral development and promote good sportsmanship and citizenship.  Through AAU participation our youth can achieve their dreams as athletes and as valued citizens of our community.  Through the combined efforts of the administrative staff, coaching staff, parents, and business community our program can continue to grow.  

Objectives:  To organize and administer a highly competitive and instructional "after-season" basketball program for boys 17 years of age and under. To provide an environment for each player to develop and maximize his individual basketball skills, develop the spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork.


Robert Grandberry