TeamConroe: Welcome

Team Conroe

Congratulation Team Conroe for finishing second on the recently concluded Filhoops basketball tournament in Houston. It was a tough series not even sure earlier if we can be included in the playoff that last two regular games againts Warriors and NSS Theraphy proves to be the turning point winning by a wide margin we were able to grab a seat through backdoor placing 7th place which pitted us againts the no. 2 team, the much improved Filhoops team lead by commisioner Conrad, an exciting game, a fight to the last minute winning by two in the end..... that game brought us to the second round againts Yan Yan team. Without any expectation, fighting with a heart of a champion we fought and win againts Yan Yan faving a way for us to be in the finals againts Team Houston.


***Congratulation to our teammate Ericson Gonzales for bagging the MVP of the league award...go mate!