Team Bionic: Welcome

Tuesday, February 7
Season will start March 3rd, who wants to play and play big?

Hey Guys,

This is Coach Mays, seasons gonna start March 3rd and i'm still here for you. you wanted your own team a team that's different, a Coach that is different. one that shows repect to his players, and their families that come to support YOU! i'm dedicated to teaching you how to find within yourself that you can play bigger then what you've played with other teams, i as a Coach wanna sharpen your skills as a player. and by GOSH fix that terrible free throw percentage, because i still say free throws win close games. so those of you that wanna be BONIC i'll see you at practice .  

Monday, February 6
Have picked the uniforms

Hey Guys,

Coach Mays i've picked our uniforms our they are reversable and i will have it along with the shorts to size everyone, and to find out who's staying to play on BIONIC. so that i can get the order placed i calculated that it will cost 84$ per player for their uniform, i hope this doesn't kill everyones parents but the uniforms i looked at that were cheaper, WERE CHEAPER in make.