Team Alliance: Fundraising Ideas

Tuesday, March 22

Below you will find ideas for fundraising, they may not be big money makers but so far seem to be working.  If anyone else has any suggestions please let us know.


Collecting Old Newspapers

Devon County Council run a recycling project  in Exeter for collection of newspapers.

All we have to do is collect peoples newspapers, weigh them into 20kg bundles and take them to the weighbridge at the Recycling Centre and give them our account number (to follow).  We then receive money for every tonne recycled.  If any of you have paper rounds why not drop a flyer into your customers letterbox stating what you are doing and why and ask them to leave their old papers out for you to collect once a week.  Even if you don't have a paper round there is nothing stopping you from doing the same in your street.  If you require any further information on this please contact Nicki.


Recycling Old Ink Cartridges

More info to follow


Recycling Old Mobile Phones

More info to follow


E Shopping

Ask family and friends to register with eshopping, website address is -

They need to register and then everytime they shop online they log onto their account and we receive a donation from the companies everytime a purchase is made.  List of retailers include Argos, Ebay, John Lewis and on and on.  It doesn't cost them anything just a little bit of their time registering.


Approach Local Companies

Local Companies are often willing to help by making a donation.  Why not ask your parent's employers or any local companies for their help.  There is a list of companies already contacted on the home page under Fundraising contacts for your information so that we don't ask the same ones over and over again. Please could you provide Nicki with a list of companies you approach to keep the section updated.  You have all been given a fund raising pack but if you need any more contact Nicki.



Why not ask your local shop/pub to hold a raffle for you.  You wil have to speak very nicely to your parents and ask them to buy you a raffle prize.  You could sell the tickets for 25p each or a £1 a strip.  Most shops/pubs will help you if you ask nicely.  Then when the raffle is drawn your parents can take their contribution back so they are not out of pocket.