Team Alliance: Independent sporting alliance

Monday, October 4

The independent sporting alliance is part of the ISA and is a non profit organisation.

The devolopment program is open to all youth players from most clubs who simply love the game, but lack the skills or simply want to gain a higher standard.

With no disrespect intended, most clubs simply do not have the man power or indeed the means to obtain a higher level of training for their less able players and to inhance the skills of there better players with the benefit of level 2 fa coaching.

The alliance is able to offer this training without any bia's to any single club. It is open to all approved feeder clubs who put their players forward to undertake this program.

All players that join the program will be graded bronze, silver and gold. Their training programme will be ajusted acordanly and put in that level group. Weekly assessments will be recorded on each player and will be avaliable to his club and parent's opon request. If a new player is keen to further inhance his skills,we will be able to help. We will give the training,but in the end it's up to the player to want to learn.

The Alliance has no intention of ever forming any league teams nor will it incourage any player to leave his feeder club.

The programme plans to work closely with the clubs to avoid any conflict of interest or harm that players development within his own club. This has has been proven by the the boys in the under 14 squad who are from different feeder clubs.

These clubs are very happy with the improvment in their players in both skills and improved enthusiam for the game. 

Players can join the programme at U11,U12,U13,U14

Training is every Sunday 3pm to 5pm at St.James High School, Exeter, all weather pitches, the subs will be £3 for a 2 hour session. Provision will be made for children with less able family cirumstances.

Once a player reaches silver standard they will be expected to pay a membership fee of £10 pa and obtain a sponsored training kit.

Once a player reaches elite level he will be eligable to join the Team Alliance squad or the Griffins with all the benefits that fall upon those teams.

He will be expected to stay with his feeder club (see constitution) but will be able to take part in friendly matches both home and abroard. This team is heavily funded and is representative of the ISA, parents, club and country. 

Have a read of the web site. Some sections will be restricted but there is enough to see in the public section. 

Any boy that would like to join the programme can ask his parents to call the number on the contact page or simply write to the programme address via email. Thanks for looking in and we hope to see you soon. D.K.