Team Alliance: Contact Page

Monday, August 23

Founding Programme Director: David Knight

                            Address: 8 STATION ROAD




                                           EX20 1DZ

      Contact Number: 01837 52309  (Please Use Your Country Code If You Are Dialling Out side Of The UK) 

                              Programme Director Email Address:

PLEASE NOTE.  All listed numbers on this section are with U.K. internal code's only. Any person calling from outside the U.K. will need to use their respective countrys dial up codes.

DIAL UP LISTINGS  can be obtained from you respective phone books or from your countrys international phone operator.

PLEASE TAKE INTO ACCOUNT.   Before dialing any of the listed numbers below. Please check the time difference before calling. We very much like to get your calls, but not at 3am in the morning. Thank you.

Treasurer: Patrisha Lowe

Phone Number: 07799394394

Team Alliance  Managers : T.B.A.

Parents Rep: Sarah McMackin   Email Address: 

Phone number 01392 926049.

Fa Coach To Team: T.B.A.

Programme Secretary: Debbie Knight

Address :  8 Station  Road.




                       EX20  1DZ 

Phone Number 01837 52309

Child welfare officer :  Helen Caron

Phone Number: 07815997525

Devon F.A.

Phone Number 01626 332077 

Development Manager: Ray Mcmackin

Phone Number 07968289762

United States Representative : Kelly Patterson

Fund raising adviser  : Clair Caron 

Boys team Representative : Pending

Under 14 Team captain : T.B.A. 

(All contacts to be made directly to the programme contact number and address. It is forbidden for direct contact to player members or attempted contact other than through the programme contact address.)