Team Alliance: what to do's

Monday, October 4

What do I do?

Well done you got this far

 1. Fill out form i.s.a 1d (Membership Application Form) and send to the program administrators at the contact address.

 What we do

1. If your form is successful you will be contacted for your fitness test and skills evaluation (try outs)
2. If you pass your (try outs) fitness and skills evaluation you will either be told after that session or by letter and email a few days later.

 What do I do next?

3. Upon receiving your letter of confirmation that you have passed your try outs you must then download forms i.s.a 1e, i.s.a 1b, and you and your parents must read form i.s.a 1a.
4. Post all the fully completed forms and membership payment of £30 to the program's UK land contact address.
This must be done within 7 days of upon receipt of your conformation letter. Iif the program does not receive your completed forms within 7 days your name will be removed).

What we do then

 Once all the completed forms and payments are received you will be confirmed by email and hard copy letter that you are a member of the International Sporting Alliance. With that letter you will be given your own personal password to code in to the restricted section of the website under no circumstances will you give your password to any other person not even another program member. (Failure to comply will result in your membership being terminated). Please remember this password will give you total access to all restricted areas which is not only your section but all the other program members as well.

 Each player will have several pages allocated to them. One page will be for all there football stats and educational achievements. This is for outside agencies and host parents to look at you. The pages you will be allocated will be for your own personal photos and comments you would like to include.

 A full list of dos and don’ts will be on the restricted section. Please remember this is all set up for your own safety and the other program members included on the website. Once you have done all of this, welcome to the family

.Contact program (United Kingdom)

 International Sporting Alliance (Team Alliance and Griffins):
8 Station Road
EX20 1DZ
Phone: 01837 52309