Team Alliance: Constitution

Monday, August 16

Constitution    passed 2010 by Devon Football Association.

1.          The programme will be known as the International Sporting Alliance. Henceforth referred to as the Programme.          

 2.         The programme will be registered to the Devon County Football Association and adhere to all rules and regulations set by the   said F.A.

 3.        This programme shall be independent to any football club and will be governed by the programme director based in the United Kingdom, with appointed personnel known as the governing body. 

4.        The programme director shall appoint a secretary, treasurer, programme manager and assistant managers and any person he deems beneficial to the smooth running of the said programme. 

5.        The programme director shall also be empowered to terminate membership of any player member or programme staff member who deems themselves unfit through child protection issues, administration, actions prejudicial to the membership and behaviour on and off the pitch. For any action likely to bring the game into disrepute or be prejudicial to the good name of the programme. 

6.        The director, secretary, treasurer and programme manager shall also serve as the governing body and hold meetings as required with minutes taken and entered into a record book. 

7.         The programme web site shall be operated and controlled by the programme Director based in the U.K.

 8.        The programme web site shall also conform to all safety measures and be regulated by Regulatory bodies based in the United Kingdom  

 9.        The programme will adopt a strict child protection policy over and above regulations set by government bodies in the United Kingdom  

10.     The programme shall also be registered with Devon County Councils, Devon Children’s Trust with notification to the said trust of any minor foreign national or British national who under the programme shall reside in the United Kingdom other than his home for longer than 28 days.  The said minor shall then be deemed to be fostered privately and shall be overseen by the said trust 

11.      The programme will also conform to all rules and regulations and child protection policies of any participating host Country,  and be regulated by that Countries  children’s/social services and participating sheriff/police departments in  regard to any minor foreign national boarded out with host families in that said country.  

12.      Any minor foreign national boarded out in a host Country shall have an independent child protection officer.  The Officer will on demand and be empowered to interview any program member without hindrance at any time they deem necessary.

13.     The child protection officer shall also have the authority to remove minor programme members from any situation they consider not suitable or safe and immediately inform the programme director of that decision. 

14.     Programme members  (all nationalities) may also with pre arranged parental consent have short stays (max 3 weeks) in Countries other than the United Kingdom unless hosted as part of the programme. 

15.     All adult programme members will be subject to Police checks and be certified as fit to work with children. 

16.     All junior programme members who are boarded out in the United Kingdom including all foreign nationals shall be the responsibility of the programme director. 

17.     All foreign junior programme members who are boarded out in any host country shall be the responsibility of the appointed child protection officer in that said country.

 18.     As required by the F.A. the program director shall appoint a child protection officer based in the United Kingdom who shall be responsible for overseeing all boarded out minors including foreign nationals. 

19.     The said officer shall also oversee all junior non-boarded-out members and oversee police checks of all adult programme personnel.

 20.     This officer will require all managers to report any incidents or visual concerns to the said officer and director immediately.

21.      This officer will keep an accurate record of all reported incidents and order removal of any boarded out minor with the consent of the programme director.  All incidents that cause concern will without exception be reported to government agencies and the F.A.

22.     The programme director shall have parents consent to authorise any emergency medical and dental treatment of all boarded out junior program members.

23.      The programme director shall be empowered to authorise statutory medicals should he be advised to do so.

 24.     All boarded out foreign members medical needs will be based at a designated medical centre, but individual medical needs can be accommodated at host families own doctors with approval of the programme director with concerns reported to the director and child protection officer. Non E.U program members must carry appropriate medical insurance. 

25.     All programme members shall be covered by liability insurance with special arrangements
for overseas excursions.

The Grievance Procedure

26.     The grievance procedure can be called by any junior program member by verbal and if instructed written form to the programme director. The grievance procedure will be attended by the majority governing body who shall cast a free vote and implement their decision and that decision will be final.

27.     The grievance procedure will take no longer than 2 weeks to be heard unless extenuating circumstances cause a delay.

28.     Should a member not pursue his grievance within 2 weeks of filing, the original decision shall stand.

29.     No adult or relation may implement the grievance procedure, but may be present at the grievance meeting in support of the said member.  

The disciplinary Procedure

30.     The disciplinary action may be called by the programme director, programme manager, his assistant manager and governing members.  This action may be instituted if a player,friends,or relatation violates the code of conduct.  Acts of violence and serious verbal abuse to another player, match official or member of the public, and any other action that brings the game in disrepute or harms the good name of the programme.

31.     .For serious breaches of discipline a programme member will be suspended by any of the above governing members who will report their actions to the programme director.

32.      The programme director shall inform the reported member either verbally or by letter, or both of the relevant incident.  If the complaint is of a serious nature, the said member shall be suspended.  The suspension will last no longer than two weeks unless the complaint is of a very serious nature the programme director will be empowered to extend the players suspension. this will enable the director to gain further advice from the F.A. and any organisation he deems necessary to contact. This  will mean that member is not able to take part in any programme/team activities including trips and events.

33.     The members parents, guardians, host parents will be informed of the disciplinary action being taken, and one parent, guardian, or host parent may attend the meeting with the member if called due to the serious nature of the claim.  The F.A. will be informed and all advice taken.  If deemed appropriate attend the said meeting.

34.      The disciplinary body shall consist of the majority governing body who upon hearing all the evidence shall cast a free vote and implement their decision.   The disciplinary body will have the right to suspend or terminate membership of any member.   Any infringement of the rules broken by themselves, their family, supporters for any conduct that might be prejudicial to the welfare and proper conduct of the programme and teams.  The disciplinary bodies’ decision will be final.

35.     Each manager shall be responsible for providing a copy of the code of conduct including dress code and expectations of the programme to each member of the squad.

36.     Each manager will ensure that it has been read and understood and duly signed by each programme member.


37.     The programme shall be open to selected players of actual ages of 11 years to 16 years old, but will be extended under exceptional circumstances.  Membership shall not be determined by race, religion, or colour but shall be independent of any political or religious views or protests.

38.     The programme can also be open to selected players who are independent to any club or organisation.   In all other cases players hoping to join the programme will be members of an affiliated club known as a feeder club.  The said players must be supported by their feeder club with a signed consent form (programme supplied) from the feeder club manager.  The programme director shall also have the right of veto, should he deem any applicant unsuitable.

39.     Should a player member leave his feeder club through a serious breach of discipline or his membership to that feeder club be terminated for any disciplinary reason, or leaves his feeder club without the managers approval to another non feeder club. He will deem his membership to the programme as void.  Any member who leave's the programme for any reason may not re enter.

40.     Should a member deem his termination as unfair he may apply in writing to the programme director and call for a grievance procedure.  

41.     A register of programme members shall be kept by the secretary, director and police intelligence with regard to foreign nationals. 

42.     Programme members will abide by all laws, and regulations of host organisations and government bodies in the United Kingdom, and any foreign country visited.   Serious breach of the above will render the programme member in contempt, his membership as void and be repatriated to his home country at parent’s expense without any recourse to the grievance procedure.

43.     A yearly subscription will be set by the governing body and be due upon joining the programme.  A yearly subscription will be paid to the treasurer acting for the programme.

44.     Training and match fees will be set by the governing body.  Training fees will be payable weekly on a direct debit mandate.  Match fees and transport costs will be set prior to each match.

45.     Special allowances can be made for families in financial difficulties.  The potential programme members parent/guardian may in confidence approach either the programme director, or the treasurer who are in power to make special allowances.  Any such application will be held in the strictest confidence and known only to the treasurer,  programme director.

46.     The Treasurer will have authority to run fund raising accounts with a separate signatory of the secretary.  Monthly accounts will be made available to all parents and team manager/s of the fund raising account.

47.     The programme manager may appoint a parents fund raising /sponsorship body that will act within all rules and regulations.  The said body will report to the governing body monthly or when deemed necessary.

48.     Feeder clubs may also with the player members consent apply to the programme director and programme manager to register to their club any foreign national or independent programme member to play in their club teams.

49.     Feeder clubs who have a player registered to the programme become eligible to apply to the governing body to include one club team to participate in some foreign exchange visits.  Teams must be at least 11 years of age to take part.

50.     Feeder club teams will travel under the Alliance programme rules terms and conditions and will be housed with Alliance approved host families.

51.     Feeder clubs will maintain their own independence on all visits and will be responsible for their own fund raising events. 

52.     Feeder club teams that take part in any foreign visits will abide by the Alliance code of conduct and dress code.  Failure to comply to rules terms and conditions will render that feeder club team member in contempt and the programme director reserves the right to repatriate the said member to his home country at parents expense.