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Tuesday, February 12
At the end of the month is the time.

Hi there. I think it is about time that we put all the info on the site. We are going to upload a bunch of stuff that you all will find very interesting. That also means all you guy's in Ohio. We are also going to put up the names of the people in Exeter( that have been very active,) England just to fill in the story. We will put in the emails and some other paper work including photo's.

 We think it is time that the whole story was told. We have been asked by the police to hold off, but to be frank their time has run out. If you guy's in the police cant move very fast, then let us help you along. The police have the good's but are slow to act on it. We can help you with that.

We will start with the Randal Gibson and the woman who stole from the kid's of the ISA. Both who could not get any lower.

 We will of course welcome any solicitor or attorney to contact us.  

Sunday, November 27

WE are going to alter the ISA logo slightly. We will be taking out the ISA and national flag from the top of the badge.

The kits that have the old logo will be changed in due course.

Otherwise the logo will remain the same. This will help with the other changes that will be taking place very soon.

We will also be altering the front page very slightly as well as up dating the news section.

Saturday, October 20

 We are sorry it has taken so long to put stuff on the site but due to legal reasons we are unable to write all that we wish at this time.

We will be putting up a full factual account of what has been going on and who has been behind it. We will be naming names and copy statements from these people including the American who has been behind it from day one.

Again what you will read will frankly make any normal person sick and any parent disgusted.

This site will be going fully active very soon now, so keep watching.

Saturday, October 20

We are having proplems with some of the pages on this site at the moment.  We will be working on it next    week and get it all back on line as soon as we can. Sorry for the delay.

We are still working on some of the problems with the site but it will be going active very soon.

When the site starts up it will be with a bang.