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Thursday, November 29

 Team Alliance is part of the International Sporting Alliance.    

The International Sporting Alliance has been set up to bring together young sporting people from all walks of life, different cultures and nationalities to mould them into singular playing units.

The Alliance is primarily geared towards soccer, but has provision for other sports to undertake this program.

The Alliance is simply an alliance of soccer clubs known as feeder clubs who put forward players they deem eligible to join the programme. This does not mean the player leaves his club, in fact he must stay in it to show recognition and loyalty.  

Foreign clubs are very welcome to join the Alliance by simply contacting the web master. Once gaining access to the restricted sections of the site, they will see the benefits for both their selected players and their club. With clubs entering into the exchange programme they will be able to give not only their players an international experience but be able to request other nationals to play in their teams from within the programme.

Because of the sensitivity of having mixed nationals in our squads our web site will be strictly governed. The general public will be able to gain access to certain pages and photo galleries,but most sections will be restricted. To all other applicants to enter these restricted sections, please apply to the web master who will detail his requirements for you to be issued with a password to code in.

Priority will be given to schools, colleges, host families, state agencies and soccer governing bodies etc.

The Alliance programme is set up for boys of ages 11 to 16 years old.( We hope in the very near future to have girl team members). They will undertake an exchange programme where they will go to another country, Live with a caring host family who has been independently approved by a childrens government agency. They will go to that countrys host school, and if approved play with league registered Alliance feeder clubs. Exchange foriegn nationals in England will undertake high level training and matches with Alliance teams in the united kingdom as well as league feeder clubs. They will also be able to undertake short stay foriegn trips out side of the U.K.  

At the moment, members can apply to go to the United States of America and the United Kingdom. With new zealand joining in the near future. An exchange can be for one month or longer, depending on that host country's immigration laws. All we ask is that the applicant has a good command of the language of the host country that they wish to go to. They must have good soccer skills and be recommended by their own feeder club.

They should also be able to offer a place to another exchange member (subject to agency checks and suitability assessments) but exceptions can be made because of family circumstances or you simply don't have the room.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

In most cases foriegn host family's will be subject to funding to enable them to host a British and commonwealth child. The programme will always undertake sponsership and grant aid to enable this to happen                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

  What we expect from a member is simple. We expect him to be presentable in both appearance and manners. We expect him to be respectful to all people and not comment on race, religion, countries or politics.

Every year in England the Alliance program will form a premier team called 'Team Alliance', junior teams will be called 'The Griffins'. The player’s will be hand-picked and expected to train hard with other nationals who are on an exchange with us. They will be expected to learn protocols and set the highest standards on and off the pitch. They will attend public functions to represent not only their country, but their parents and clubs and portray a positive image of their sponsors. 

The Alliance will travel to chosen countries with its premier team. This team will take part in soccer matches in support of children's charities of that country's choice. This will form part of the Alliance 'kids playing for kids' program, where every penny raised will go directly to that charity.  

The Alliance is a non-profit program that is open to all, rich or poor. We constantly seek sponsorship to enable every child to enter into this program. They will in turn proudly display their sponsors name on their kit, as well as their web site page. 

 The program members could also be subject to media interest and will always portray their sponsor's clothing, as well as their feeder club's name responsibly.

If you stay a member of the Alliance and are coming to the end of your youth playing career, we may be able to help. There are opportunities in the United States and commonwealth country's but you must have by then exceptional soccer skills and high grades educationally. It would be totally wrong to promise anything, the end results are in your hands. We will put you in positions where you are going to be looked at. At the very least, you will come away with fond memories and friendships and a wealth of experiences whilst learning about other cultures and customs.  

Thank you for visiting the home of Alliance. If you become a member, welcome to the family. If you are a parent, once you have contacted the web master your questions will be answered to your total satisfaction. 

      International Sporting Alliance is based in the United kingdom and is under going non profit Limited Company status.


THIS SITE IS ALSO OPERATED FROM THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AS WELL AS THE UNITED KINGDOM.  Terms and spelling may differ from time to time depending on which country of origin  that  statement  came  from.

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