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Travel Team Soccer Tryouts


The mission of the Tri-City United Soccer Club travel team soccer tryout and selection process is to ensure that all players residing and/or attending a school in the Berea School District (both public and private) receive a fair opportunity to join a team of their peers possessing similar game skills.


Tryouts are open to all U-8 to U-14 girls and boys which is usually first through 8th grade.  Team rosters typically carry a maximum of 10-18 players depending on the age group.

Participants residing in areas outside the Berea School District are welcome to participate in tryouts.  These out-of-town participants will be considered for a team roster in a case-by-case basis and will be rostered on teams ONLY after ALL players residing in and/or attending a school in the Berea School District who tryout have been rostered on a Travel Team. 


Travel Team Tryouts are held annually in the spring.  The results of these tryouts will determine the teams for the following fall and spring seasons.

All participants are required to attend one of the tryout sessions.   Special cases like player injury or family inability to make tryouts will be considered.  A private tryout with the coach, Vice President of Travel Soccer and at least one member of the Travel Soccer Selection Committee can be scheduled.  Evaluation forms will be completed for every player participating in Travel Team Tryouts.

Tryout times and locations will be posted on the website at  Each tryout session will last 1-2 hours.  Players will be run through a series of drills, game situations and small-sided team play.  The evaluators are dedicated to a single skill (shooting, dribbling, game play, etc) so that their assessments are consistant across all participants.  All results will be weighted and relative so that individual evaluator ratings will not affect the overall player's score.

Parents will be asked to fill out a registration form and hand it in at the tryout along with payment.  Each participant will be identified by a piece of athletic tape on the back of the shirt with his/her name on it.

  • Players must wear appropriate workout clothes including spikes and shin guards.
  • Players must bring their own ball.
  • Players must bring their own water, snacks, etc.  There will be water breaks between drills.


Participant results will be tallied by the Travel Selection Committee.  Player selection will be determined through a combination of tryout results, Travel Selection Committee's and coach's recommendations.  Having previously played for a team does not guarantee a spot for the next season.

The Travel Selection Committee will meet with coaches to determine the roster for the upcoming seasons.  Communication of acceptance or rejection will be made as soon as selection is made.  This is typically within a few weeks of tryouts.

The number of teams formed for each age group will be determined by the number of volunteer coaches and qualified participants which enable TCUSC to enter the most competitive teams possible into the appropriate AASL (Boys Travel League) or NOGSL (Girls Travel League) flight (skill category).  Teams will be formed based on skill level and there is no guarantee that a second or third team will be selected.

If multiple teams are to be formed for an age category, the Travel Selection Committee will determine the best team format, that is whether or not to build equal strength teams or graded teams.