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Monday, June 9

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CONGRATULATIONS to our 10 Year Old All-Stars, the District 14 Runner-up Champions!!!


Major Division:

City Champions - Rangers (Manager Donnie Higgs)

Runner up - Mets (Manager Shane Thomas)

1st Place Regular Season (Undefeated) - Rangers (Mgr. Donnie Higgs)

2nd Place Regular Season - Phillies (Manager Steven Ruiz)

Minor division:

City Champions - Tigers (Manager Tray Park)

Runner up - Orioles (Manager Robbie Silvertooth)

1st Place Regular Season - Giants (Manager Angel Acosta)

2nd Place Regular Season - Tigers (Manager Tray Park)

PW-2 division:

City Champions - Giants (Manager Randy Elizondo)

Runner up - Reds (Manager David Fuentes)

1st Place Regular Season (Undefeated) - Reds (Mgr. David Fuentes)

2nd Place Regular Season - Orioles (Manager Kevin Kelley) 

PW-1 Coach Pitch division:

City Champions (Undefeated) - Indians (Mgr. Shawn Sholmire)

Runner up - Red Sox (Manager Joe Byrd)

PW-1 T-Ball division:

City Champions - Nationals (Manager Jason Detenbeck)

Runner up - Astros (Manager Bubba Featherly)  

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Monday, June 9

2014 Home Run Hitters:

Matthew Deering (Major Rangers) - 8 HOME RUNS and 1 GRAND SLAM   "Home Run King 2014"

Marcus Ruiz - (Major Phillies) - 5 HOME RUNS and 1 GRAND SLAM

Johnny Valdez - (Major Astros) - 6 HOME RUNS

Conor Higgs (Major Rangers) - 6 HOME RUNS

Aiden Hanna (Major Phillies) - 3 HOME RUNS

Rashaun Smith (Major Phillies) - 3 HOME RUNS

Chris Garcia (Major Rangers) - 1 HOME RUN and 1 GRAND SLAM

Nikolas Fuentes (Major Rangers) - 2 HOME RUNS

Jackson Wray (Major Phillies) - 2 HOME RUNS

Adam Dimas (Major Mets) - 1 GRAND SLAM

Trey Mull (Major Phillies) - 1 HOME RUN

Joel Herrera (Major Mets) - 1 HOME RUN

Eric Sneed (Major Mets) - 1 HOME RUN

Mark Ledoux (Major Astros) - 1 HOME RUN

Tanner Park (Minor Tigers) - 1 HOME RUN

Ashton Arevalo (Minor Blue Jays) - 1 HOME RUN