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Friday, January 10

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Wednesday 4/16/2014: Game updates

Monday night's PW-1 games will be made up tonight at their previously scheduled times on the PW-1 field.  Tuesday nights games will be made up tonight as well but on the PW-2 field at their previously scheduled times. 

Monday night's PW-2 games will be made up on Wednesday 4/30 at their previously scheduled times. 

Monday night's Minor games are to be made up tonight on the Minor field at their previously scheduled times. 

The T-ball games are to be made up Saturday 4/26 at Godard park on both the Minor and Major fields.  The first game at each field  will start at 2pm with the second game starting at 3:15pm.  The schedule is being worked on and will be sent to the Managers later this week.   


Thank You to our 2014 Sponsors!!!   Please support our sponsors when you have the opportunity.  For a list of this years sponsors click on the "Our Sponsors" tab. 

Team concession duty assignments have been made.  Look in the Forms and Handouts sections for your teams scheduled times.


Continue to check the Game schedule tab for changes or updates with your teams schedules.      


Wednesday, April 16

Mathew Deering (Major Rangers) - 3/17/2014

Eric Sneed (Major Mets) - 3/20/2014

Conor Higgs (Major Rangers) - 3/24/2014

Marcus Ruiz - (Major Phillies) - 3/24/2014

Aiden Hanna - (Major Phillies) - 3/24/2014

Mathew Deering (Major Rangers) 4/3/2014 

Mathew Deering (Major Rangers) 4/7/2014

Conor Higgs (Major Rangers) 4/7/2014

Mark LeDoux (Major Astros) 4/7/2014

Joel Herrera (Major Mets) 4/10/2014

Johnny Valdez (Major Astros) 4/10/2014

Rayshaun Smith (Major Phillies) 4/10/2014

Jackson Wray (Major Phillies) 4/10/2014

Marcus Ruiz (Major Phillies) 4/15/2014