The Basketball Academy: Welcome

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The Basketball Academy is a professional basketball training organization founded in in Fresno, CA. The Basketball Academy offers basketball skill training for individuals and teams through a variety of standard and custom training programs for professional, collegiate, high school and youth athletes.

The Academy offers individual/ group training and team training in the following categories:

• Shot Mechanics Training
• Ball Handling
• Offensive Footwork
• Defensive Movement and Positioning
• Offensive Movement
• Post Player Footwork and Movement

The Basketball Academy also runs several camps for players interested in improving themselves in a group setting. Camp dates and times are posted under "Upcoming Camps."

 E-mail us at

or give us a call @ (559) 721-5197 

The Basketball Academy sponsors, organizes and operates boys and girls tournaments and weekend shootouts.  Our goal is to organize, promote, host and manage basketball events of the highest quality, on a local, regional, and national level. We are firmly committed to a standard of excellence in all of our basketball events. 


Session Times

K-2nd     MW/TTH     4:00-5:00 

3rd-4th     MW/TTH     5:00-6:00    

5th-6th      MW/TTH     6:00-7:00