Taylor Made Playaz: Welcome

Passing - Shooting -Dribbling - Defense - Team Play
Taylor Made Playaz (TMP) is a year round basketball program that includes a competitive basketball team and a summer basketball camp. TMP goes beyond basketball. While assisting at-risk youth academically and socially, TMP’s goal is to help youth achieve their academic and social goals to help lead productive lives.
TMP Objectives:
To create an atmosphere surrounded with positive role models that will eliminate any interest in gang activity.To provide an opportunity to achieve higher education through the involvement of sportsTo provide a culturally diverse experience for each participant.To foster the discipline necessary to achieve higher academic and career goals.To provide a healthy lifestyle through sports. To provide an environment that fosters high self-esteem/self-worth and a positive outlet to release energy.To provide a safe and fun environment. To develop leadership skills, goal setting and teamwork qualities.

Now Recruiting Players - Ages 14, 15, 16 and 17!
For more information on tryouts for Taylor Made Playaz's traveling basketball team, 
call 720-436-1153 or email taylormadeplayaz@comcast.net.

Helping Youth Drive the Lane to Guard Their Future!