Monday, July 7
DYNAMITES Code of Conduct for Parents, Coaches and Players 
  • If we have concerns about players, coaches, umpires, fields or any other aspect of softball, they will be directed to the Executive Board, away from the field.
  • Treat all participants with respect, being positive and constructive at all times to all players and coaches. I will not use abusive language or actions and will control my anger at all times. I will cheer positively providing encouragement for members of both teams. Insist that parents and member of my team act in the same way.
  • Treat all umpires with respect, recognizing that they are professional adults and that softball rules involve judgment. Do not openly criticize the umpires during the course of the game but will instead, address my concerns to an Executive Board member or Coach.
  • During the game I will remain in the stands, away from the dugouts, and off of the field unless requested by the coach to give assistance to an injured player. Monitor the behavior of my team's parents in the stands and take action as necessary to assure proper conduct.
  • As a parent, support the players’ commitment to her team by assuring her regular attendance at practices and games. As a coach, conduct regular practices that will be used to teach sound softball fundamentals while being fun for all involved. Be sure that an adult is present until every player has been picked up after practice.
  • Respect for the equipment. When at bat, I will always wear my helmet and will not remove it until I return to the dugout.  As a catcher, I will always wear the proper equipment as provided and recommended by the league. Wear the proper uniform in the proper way. If I intentionally throw my bat, helmet, glove or any piece of equipment that I will be subject to ejection from the game.
  • Do not display anger directed at an opposing player, coach, umpire, teammate or myself and understand that you will be ejected from the game site for this type of behavior.
  • Do not intentionally endanger another player in any way.
  • Abusive language in any form of trash talk or negative cheering will not be tolerated. Promote sportsmanlike conduct, shaking hands with the opposing coach after each game, encouraging my team members to cheer positively and shake hands in a sportsmanlike manner with the opposing players after each game.
  • Be prepared for emergencies with registration/medical release forms and a first aid kit on hand whenever my team is together.

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