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Choosing a Youth Baseball Bat

Download this article about choosing a bat, what they're made of and how to compare.

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To determine the proper length, with the player standing up straight, place one end of the bat on the ground next to the child's foot and measure the bat against the leg.  Generally, the top of the bat should not be above the the child's hip.

To measure weight, have the player hold the bat near the knob in the dominant hand.  The child should be able to hold the bat and the one arm straight out, palm down, for about 5 seconds, without the end of the bat falling.


Handout: Choosing a Youth Baseball Bat

Everything you need to know about Little League gloves

Read the attached article about gloves and how to choose one for your child.

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Handout: Choosing a Baseball Glove

This would never describe you, right? 
(The author, Paul Reddick, is Director of The Yogi Berra Museum baseball camp.)
Open Letter to Psycho Baseball Parents - click here

Do you want to manage a team, be an assistant coach or even the team/dugout mom(parent)? You must turn in a 2013 Little League Volunteer Form with a copy of your driver license to Tamarac Little League (at the concession stand). 
Tamarac Little League runs its own background checks.

Handout: 2015 Volunteer Forms

Think you know baseball?

Check your knowledge against these Little League Baseball Rule Myths. Ball hits the batters hands? It's a strike if the batter's wrists break? Batted ball hits the plate first? Runner must slide? Obstruction? Interference? Tie goes to the runner? We've certainly heard a few of these.


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Handout: Player and Parent Little League Pledges

Eteamz Baseball Tips and Drills

The eteamz Tips & Drills section is full of usefull drills, tips, games and more for coaches, players, and parents.

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Youth Baseball Basics
Youth Baseball Training Equipment, How To Obtain Little League Rules, Coaching Tips, & Fun Ways To Improve Baseball Skills
Check out Youth Baseball Basics! This is a site that provides helpful information to the youth or Little League baseball player, coach, or parent. There is information on basic rules, how to obtain official rules, how to buy good equipment without breaking your bank, how to practice with the team and at home, and how to set up fun activities involving baseball at home. Learn how you can build your own Field of Dreams, learn some new games you can play with all the family members, and learn how you can improve baseball skills.
This site is a great resource for the "first time baseball parent". It also provides tips, resources, and practice tips for seasoned team looking to compete more effectively. Even if your child is not on a youth baseball team, you can make use of the "fun stuff" ideas for some great pick-up games in your backyard or at a local field or park.
Baseball is a wonderful sport for kids. It is a team sport and a skill sport. The more the player practices and works together with teammates, the better they play, and the more playing time they will see. That's a lot like life. Also, baseball is a fun sport. Have fun!