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Baseball Hitting Mechanics - Rotational Mechanics

Strategies and skills to be a better coach 

Check out these coaching resources at WebBall.com, including:

Team Drills

Game Prep

Strategy Clinic

and more.

Little League International Bat Rules

In an effort to provide timely information on bat rules, Little League International announced the bat specifications and standards.   

Licensed Composite Bats (2 1/4 inch barrel)

Liberty Mutual's Responsible Sports Resources

Check out Liberty Mutual's Responsible Sports website.

Responsible Sports Parent pages
Responsible Coach
Youth Sports Advice pages.


Beat the Coach drills

Coaching Tip: Kids versus coaches


Kids will welcome the chance to put their skills to the test against you and your coaching staff if given the chance. The prospects of playing and beating you will energize even the most mundane practice. The following list presents some of the many challenges in which baseball and softball players and coaches can compete:

Base-running sprint: Begin in the batter's box and run a timed sprint around the bases. See if the kids can beat your time.

Base-path chase: Have a youngster stand in the batter's box while you line up halfway between home plate and first base. On your signal, you both begin running around the bases. The youngster should try to catch up and tag you before you get all the way to home plate. If you like, you can reverse the starting position so you get to chase the player.

Target throws: Place a target on the field, such as a trash can, at a reasonable distance. See who can hit the target first or who can come the closest out of a set number of throws.

This exclusive tip was brought to you by Coaching Baseball for Dummies, written by the National Alliance for Youth Sports.

Sacrifice Bunt

Good video on stance, how to hold the bat, etc.

Rotational Hitting 101 (ChrisOLeary.com)

As a kid, I loved the game of baseball, but was never a great player. While some of my problems were admittedly due to a lack of talent -- and not wanting to wear my glasses -- many of my problems were due to poor instruction.
     I was never taught to do what great hitters do.
     Now that I have kids of my own, I have resolved to teach them better than I was taught, and that means teaching them the Major League Swing. As part of that effort, I put together this document to serve as an introduction to, or primer for, rotational hitting.  (from ChrisOLeary.com)

Rotational Hitting 101

Learn the pros and cons of the four major approaches to teaching the swing, complete with frame-by-frame video and photos and why rotational hitting is the way most major league players swing.  Watch as Chris O'Leary breaks down Albert Pujols' swing.


Weight Transfer and Hitting

Little League opens Coach Resource Center to all!!

Something new -- Since it debuted two years ago, the Little League Coach's Resource Center required the user to obtain an authentication code from the local league President. No more. ANYONE can now access all the
resources at will. Click here to find out more and to register: Little League Coach Resource Center

Rules, skills, drills and practices, safety, conditioning, strategy and pitching for Majors, Minors, Juniors, Seniors and Big League.

Pitching Tips and Websites


Your Source For Free Professional Baseball Pitching Instruction, Information, Tips And Articles To Help You Pitch Better
Free online pitching instruction
100's of baseball pitching articles
Blog and discussion forums
Video training and analysis
Pitching clips of MLB pitchers
National pitching coach directory

Check this one out. Watch the slow motion videos.  ChrisOLeary.com  Proper Pitching Mechanics  Pitching Mechanics 101.  Very informative pages of pitching fundamentals comparing styles of pitchers who have had long, (relatively) injury-free careers vs. players who didn't.  Video breakdown of the mechanics of pitchers such as Greg Maddux and Roger Clemons to avoid shoulder injury.

More Pitching topics:  QCBaseball.com  Baseball Pitching

Jim Crane's Pitching Tips  One page of tips on position, release, the pick off, and more.

Coaching Philosophy and Tools; Baseball Drills, Instruction and Situations 


Coaching Philosophy and Tools; Baseball Drills, Instruction and Situations.



Think you know baseball? 

Check your knowledge against these Little League Baseball Rule Myths. Ball hits the batters hands? It's a strike if the batter's wrists break? Batted ball hits the plate first? Runner must slide? Obstruction? Interference? Tie goes to the runner? We've certainly heard a few of these.


Coaching Little League Baseball: Hitting 

Coach your youth little league baseball players and teach them the proper way to hit. They will be more succesful if they learn the proper fundamentals.

It is very important for kids to learn the proper fundamentals when playing baseball. Often when they first begin to play baseball they will pick up some bad habits. The longer that they continue to hit with poor fundamentals the harder it will be to correct.

There are 3 basic fundamentals to look for in a good swing.

They are:
(1) Watch the ball all of the way to the bat.
(2) A proper stride with good balance during the swing.
(3) Start the swing with the hands at the top of the strike zone. This holds true for boys or girls whether playing little league baseball or youth softball.  

(read whole article)

Youth Baseball Training Equipment, How To Obtain Little League Rules, Coaching Tips, & Fun Ways To Improve Baseball Skills

Check out Youth Baseball Basics! This is a site that provides helpful information to the youth or Little League baseball player, coach, or parent. There is information on basic rules, how to obtain official rules, how to buy good equipment without breaking your bank, how to practice with the team and at home, and how to set up fun activities involving baseball at home. Learn how you can build your own Field of Dreams, learn some new games you can play with all the family members, and learn how you can improve baseball skills.

This site is a great resource for the "first time baseball parent". It also provides tips, resources, and practice tips for seasoned team looking to compete more effectively. Even if your child is not on a youth baseball team, you can make use of the "fun stuff" ideas for some great pick-up games in your backyard or at a local field or park.

Baseball is a wonderful sport for kids. It is a team sport and a skill sport. The more the player practices and works together with teammates, the better they play, and the more playing time they will see. That's a lot like life. Also, baseball is a fun sport. Have fun! 

Eteamz Baseball Tips and Drills 

The eteamz tips & drills section is full of usefull drills, tips, games and more for coaches, players, and parents.

Baseball Categories

Defensive Situations
Offensive Situations
Pregame Rituals

Responsible Sports Community Grants | Youth Sports Grants

A winning opportunity for youth sports!

By participating in the Responsible Sports Community Grants program, youth sport teams and organizations can earn a $2,500 grant.

Sports are about so much more than winning. And sustaining youth sports programs takes more than just your valuable time and effort. That's why Liberty Mutual created the Responsible Sports Community Grants. The program helps provide precious financial resources – $2,500 grants – in recognition of local dedication to responsibility in communities across the country.


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