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Tuesday, April 14
Welcome to Tennyson American Little League

Congratulations Tennyson American
on Celebrating 60 years!!!!
 Immportant Information
 We are saddened to have to inform you all that over the weekend our clubhouse was broken into. A snack bar window was pried open and our safe was stolen. Nothing else was taken, not even the cash register sitting on the counter right next to the open window. I’m disgusted to say that neither us, nor the police think it is a coincidence that it was the weekend we collected our fundraiser. About half of the leagues fundraiser was in the safe. Our fundraiser is what pays for our charter and for us to rent our fields from H.A.R.D. which is over $7000 a year for both. Without that money each year, our league would not be able to function. Stealing that money is like directly stealing from the 200 kids our league serves each year.
We are offering a $1000. Reward for any information leading to the arrest of the individual or individuals responsible for this crime. We are working with the Hayward police dept. who have fingerprinted and are running follow-up’s on people that were in the snack bar on Saturday. Again, if you have any information, you can call the Hayward police dept. (510)293-7000 and leave an anonymous tip. This affects us all, as we are all part of a small community trying to enrich our kids’ lives through baseball. If you have any questions or concerns, please email or call me.
Jody Perry Tennyson American Little League Treasurer
Thank you, Christina Mathweson - President
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