Sierra Nevada 16-Tahoe: Welcome

Welcome to SNVC 16-Tahoe

Sierra Nevada Volleyball Club 16-Tahoe.

Our team is a satelite of Sierra Nevada VBC operating out of South Lake Tahoe. All questions and concerns should be directed to Head Coach and director, Gary Hankoff.

This is the place to come for information regarding club this season. This site will be updated on a regular basis so it's a good idea to check it often, if not daily...share this info with your teammates...don't come to practice unprepared!!!

Head Coach: Gary Hankoff
Home Phone: 541-2607
Cell Phone: 318-9699


Monday, May 28
Volleyball Festival

Click on the link in the headline to go to the official Volleyball Festival website. On that site you will find all kinds of info including event schedules, tickets, etc.
We will be playing in the PM wave all week, which means the girls must be dressed and ready to start warming up at the assigned court at 2pm. Play begins at 3pm.

More details to follow.

Night Pepper
Monday, March 26
Doubles Ladder

We will hold our 1/2 court doubles tournament or S/R ladder after each weekend tournament. Where you place on the ladder will effect your status as to playing time.

Doubles Ladder:

1) Chelsea
2) Rachel
3) Caroline
4) Brianna
5) Erica
6) Lindsey
7) Lauren
8) Sarah
9) Terra

Serve/Receive Ladder:


Monday, April 2

The practice schedule for the months of June and July has been updated.

Note: Festival is the first week of July, and we WILL be playing on the Fourth. Everyone has committed and is expected to be there for every day of play. Check the calendar for details.

Be sure to be at practice on time. That means dressed and ready 10 minutes before the scheduled start time.
If other activities are being held in the gym (like baseball practice) meet the team in the girl's locker room.

If you are unable to attend practice for any reason, be sure to text or call Gary as soon as possible...don't wait until the last minute.