South Tahoe High School Vikings Varsity Volleyball: Welcome

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Welcome to the site for the South Tahoe High School Viking Varsity Volleyball program. This is the place to find information on practice schedules, matches, etc. For important concerns or questions that need immediate attention please call my cell phone. If I do not answer please leave a message and then feel free to contact me at work. Tuesday through Saturday 8am-4:30p (except away game dates). Email is most effective for non-immediate concerns.

Sarah Poulack - Varsity Head Coach
530-314-0104 (cell phone)
530-543-6504 (work phone)
530-544-4586 (evenings)

We will not have practice thursday, August 31st. I want the team to be at Carson High School to see Whittel vs. Carson. This will be a good opportunity to see competition before we officially start.

 Barton Hospital's Rehabilitation Services Department is offering free physical therapy for our athletes. Please call and set up an appointment for any aches and pains. 543-5896

Plan ahead for a ropes course on September 4th.  You will need to bring lunch, water bottle (no soda), tennis shoes or boots, camera, sunscreen.  You need to wear a t-shirt and longer shorts/pants.  No tank tops or short shorts... believe me you won't want to!

We are planning a camping trip for Friday, Sept. 8th and 9th at the Davis Creek Park.  Players remember to bring... extra blankets, pillow, sleeping pad/bed, jacket, flashlite, warm p.j.s, pillow, alarm, shower stuff, camera, spending money for the tournament/food.