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Monday, December 12
Definiton of Synergy!

syn·er·gy (snr-j) n. pl. syn·er·gies

1. The interaction of two or more forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.

2. Cooperative interaction among groups... that creates an enhanced combined effect.

Tuesday, December 13
Question about picking Jersey #

Question: My child would like a certain number for their jersey, and another player has that same number but is on another team, can my child have that same number?

Answer: Yes!

Just understand if next year you stay in the same age group and we can still get the same jersey and your child happens to be on that same team as the person who already had that number, you will not be able to receive the jersey discount, and will have to order another jersey that year with a different number. Again that is IF we are able to get the same jersey next year.

Wednesday, December 14
Fund raisers:

You can choose to fund raise year round for your volleyball player to help with registration cost.  

Create a member, then add your daughters picture.  The site will help direct you to email family and friends to promote the fundraiser.

When you or your family & friends are ordering.  They can choose your daughters picture and all funds will go into her account or choose Synergy Volleyball and all funds will go into Synergy's account. Notice when ordering items the percentage showed will go directly to YOU, Synergy profits nothing, unless the purchaser picks SynergyVolleyballOtisville picture instead of your daughters picture. will mail a check directly to you.  The check needs to be cashed within 180 days from issue date.   


Sunday, December 18
Age cut-off for different age groups.

Tournaments played in 2012:

12 & Under - Born on or after September 1, 1999  

14 & Under - Born on or after September 1, 1997

16 & Under - Born on or after September 1, 1995

Friday, January 6
How are teams picked?

Synergy Volleyball is a competative travel volleyball club.   Players are sorted by age according to AAU volleyball organizations rules 12U, 14U, and 16U.  Then for each age group we form teams of 10 players by available coaches.  Although we want everyone to play and learn in our organization, but in all reality we can only keep as many players as we have coaches.  During try-outs our 1st coach in each age category pickes the top ten, then the 2nd coach picks the next top ten, and it keeps going until we either run out of players or run out of coaches.  Our goal is to keep players together by grade in each age group, but because of many factors we might not be able to do when forming teams.

Thursday, February 2
Synergy Policies

Synergy will schedule one mandatory Parents/Coaches/Administrators team meeting a season. This meeting will be held during one of your Players practices, approximately after the 2nd tournament was played. This meeting is NOT for Players or Siblings to attend, one Administrator will be with the Players while the meeting is being conducted. Teams will be contacted via email from  Why these meetings?  Questions & Answer forum.  Positivity grows, when something is explained to one Parent, they can explain to another.

Synergy has a 24 Hour waiting period after a tournament for Parents to contact Coaches or Administrators regarding any issues that arise. Coaches & Administration also have this 24 Hour rule before contacting Parents. Parents please contact Coaches, Administrators via phone, email or schedule a time to talk after a practice. Contact information is on this website under Board.

Synergy's policy is for Parents & Coaches, Parent & Administrator, or Coach & Administrator to communicate calmly and always away from Children (your Child, another Child, your Child's Sibling, or any Synergy Volleyball Player).

Synergy Parents, Coaches, Administrators, and Players are to conduct themselves positively during tournaments toward other Coaches and Players and Bi-standards in the stands.

Please remember all Coaches & Administrators are volunteer and are here to HELP your Child become a better Volleyball Player.

Our goal when we started this program is to give LakeVille girls more playing time to improve their skills during practices and all day tournaments, winning is a bonus, improvement is the goal!