SWU Napoli 99: General info

Saturday, October 16
Backpack contents

Please ensure the following items are in the girls' backpacks for the indoor season:

  • red jersey
  • white jersey (keep in a bag to avoid getting dirty and snagged)
  • indoor shoes
  • shin pads
  • socks
  • track suit
  • kleenex (in case of bloody noses or winter colds)
  • pro-wrap
  • water
  • hair bands/ponytail holders (NO metal barrettes!)
  • bandaids


Saturday, October 16
Game/practice/tech process

For game days:

  • please arrive at the soccer centre 1 hour prior to kick-off so the girls can start to focus, get their shoes on, go to the washroom and then 'chalk talk' with the coaches
  • wear track suits to and from the games!

Practices & Tech:

  • arrive at the gym 10 - 15 mins before practice/tech is to start.  This will ensure practice/tech will start ON time.