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Enter Your Soccer Prose and Poetry
Hey girls,
Here's a new part of the website where we'll post any creative prose/poetry/pictures/etc., that the girls create. Just send your entries to Dale Struksnes and we'll put it on the website!

Kirsten's Poems

Soccer’s Fun

It’s fun to play in the grass,

To score and to pass.

You have to be a good shouter and talker,

To be a pro at Soccer!


A player’s coming toward me,

To be patient is the key.

I’ll wait till she makes a mistake,

Then the ball will be mine to take.


I’m heading toward the net,

I move with the ball like a jet.

Their D thinks the ball is theirs to get,

But their wrong, the ball and the net just met!


My Big Goal

Wow! I just scored,

The ball, it soared.

Some of my teammates looked at me in disgust,

But my friends acted like the goal was a must.

My goal went to the other side, the refs were so mean,

But the truth was, I had scored for the other team.

Soccer Poems


Every member has a Role,

To dribble, pass, or stop the Goal.

Follow the rules-it can be hard,

You may just get a yellow card.

A penalty kick may be in Store,

When a foul can stop a chance to Score.

As you’re running down the field, be QUICK-

This game can give you quite a KICK!

The Coach

The one who knows the value

Of giving it your BEST,

The one who always challenges

And puts your to the TEST,

The one who teaches "tough it out,"

Don’t give up till the End,

A mentor and a counselor, too,

A teacher and a FRIEND.

Sports keep you very healthy,

Some can make you very wealthy.

In some you have to run, and have lots of fun.

But others you learn the right technique,

that makes you strong rather than weak.

In all sports you have lots of Friends,

that last to the very End!


By: Kirsten