Southwestern Port St. Lucie Little League: Welcome

Monday, February 16
Southwest Port Saint Lucie Little League

Two days have been added for Fall Ball 2016 registration
This Thursday September 1st from 6PM to 8PM
And this Friday September 2nd 6PM to 8PM
limited spots are available for teams
first come first serve!

Get game cancellations via email before your coach tells you. Send an email here ( with the subject "Notify Me" 

BEFORE YOU BUY THAT BAT!!! .... check the 2015 list for Little League Licensed Bats  . Note that these lists change so continually check throughout the season.

General Membership meeting will be held August 30, 2016 @ 7:00pm in the board room 


President - Shawn Lewis 772-626-2565
Vice President - Dave Magers 
Vice President of Baseball - Ed Minor 
Secretary - Theresa Magers
Treasurer - Lisa Middleton
Player Agent - Jenny Massey

Safety Officer - Estelle Sanchez

Information Officers -Estelle Sanchez

Team Mom Rep - Jennifer Didinato

A-League Rep - Derek Aronoff

B-League Rep - James Leonard

C-League Rep - Dan Sanchez

SR Baseball Rep - Anthony Martens 

T-Ball Rep - Ed Minor
Softball Sr-League - Cassie Priez

Park Duty Officer - Franchesca Rodrigues  

Coaching Coordinator - Mike Mamo

Umpire in Chief - Joe Clark
Assistant UIC

Junior UIC - Kyle Frye 

Equpipment Manager - Anthony Martens 

Concession Officers:
Manager - Chris DeMaio

Franchesca Rodriguez

Jennifer Didonato

Marieli Rodriguez 



Jeremy Trumble

Hunter Currie

Stephanie Trumble 

For contact information click on the Board of Directors link on the navigation menu at the top of this page

Weather Watch

South Florida is known for its tropical climate.  It's also known for rain, and lots of it.  If you want to know if your game is on or cancelled due to the weather check here between 4pm and 5pm.  All weather related cancellations will be posted as soon as the city says the fields are unplayable...sometimes that's only minutes before game time, but they are the ones to make the decision. 

Remember just because it's raining in your neighborhood doesn't mean the game is cancelled.  Always wait to hear from your coach, league official, or right here on

 In the mean time check out the Game Day Weather link at the top of the page for a current radar and weather outlook.

Questions, Comments, or Volunteers Please email the Information Officer 

Southwestern PSL Little League supports responsible Internet use and strives to protect the rights and privacy of our partcipants and their families. Please take time to review the Privacy Protection Policy Information for Kids

Schedule Tips:   For individual team schedules click on "Teams" on the left side menu.   From there you can find your team and click on it's dedicated site.   Once there click, on "Schedule" for a team specific listing.  (a printable version of the full season is available from the link at the top right of the schedule).  Enjoy the games!