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> Ladies and Gents,

The new lacrosse season is fast approaching so I hope you all have wonderful holidays. There are some new changes in SWLOA this year. We announced earlier that there will be a decentralization of administration and control so you can expect to have a more hands-on approach in each district of SWLOA. We have created sub-chapters in Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Dallas/Ft Worth. These sub-chapters will be responsible for their own training, financing and administration. The SWLOA Board and Executive officers remain in place to oversee the sub-chapters and to negotiate contracts as per our by-laws.

Your local governors have been busy organizing the sub-chapters. Listed below are the key individuals in each district:


Sub-chapter President - Chris Menzel
Assignor - Chris Menzel
Chief Referee - Tom Jank
Sub District Training Coordinator - Chris Menzel

San Antonio

President - Rob Johnson
Assignor - Grady Hatch
Chief Referee - Rob Johnson
Sub District Training Coordinator - Keith Markey


President - Mike Jackson
Assignor - Ken Singer
Chief Referee - Don Carnes


President - Tim Cagney
Assignor - Mark Payne
Chief Referee - Kevin Thompson
Sub District Training Coordinator - Rob Rinker

Each are will collect chapter dues which will remain in the local area. None of those dues collected will go to the SWLOA treasury. SWLOA collects fees from it customers (THSLL for example) to fund its admin costs.

The sub-chapter Chief Referees will handle any issues with sportsmanship, rules questions, coach/player problems, etc., that arise within their areas. Don Carnes, as the SWLOA Chief Referee will address anything that is needed on a state-wide basis or assist the sub-chapter CR's when necessary.

Many of you are probably wondering how does this affect you. These changes really shouldn't affect you at all. Games will still be assigned locally. Problems with teams and coaches though will be handled by someone closer to the situation and with a better knowledge of the personalities involved. Also your dues remain in your area.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact your local governor.

One last thing. Listed below are some highlights from our THSLL contract. Be sure to understand them so we can take action when necessary.

SWLOA assignors are responsible for notifying the THSLL Commissioner and the THSLL District Coordinator within 24 hours of player and/or coach ejections.
SWLOA officials will sign the scorebook at the end of the game per NCAA rules verifying the final score.

The SWLOA Chief Referee will review and agree to the THSLL Rulebook, Appendix A - Rule Waivers for each year of this agreement prior to January 1st.

SWLOA assignors will notify the THSLL Commissioner of any high school lacrosse games scheduled and assigned directly with the SWLOA, during the THSLL recognized season and district/state playoffs/championships, which include any of the THSLL recognized member schools and/or out-of-state guests included on the THSLL game schedule as provided to the SWLOA by the THSLL Administrator.

The THSLL member schools will pay for services at rates set forth in Exhibit “A”. Full payment shall be due at the scheduled game, or no later than ten (20) days thereafter unless agreed to in advance by both parties, pursuant to a voucher presented by the SWLOA officials to a THSLL member school representative at the game site.

The THSLL member schools shall remain responsible for the payment of fees in the event that a game is forfeited or considered a “no contest” unless a two (2) hour notice is given.

The THSLL member schools shall remain responsible for the payment of fees in the event they change the schedule, including but not limited to changing the starting time or location of a game, unless notification is given to the vendor in accordance with 6 and 7 below.

During the THSLL recognized season, all games shall be officiated as assigned through the established THSLL scheduling process and as described in this agreement with SWLOA officials. Except for district/state playoffs/championships games so designated by the THSLL, payment of official’s fees shall be the sole responsibility of each member school. Failure to pay official’s fees may result in forfeiture of THSLL games. Rainout Procedures - Game Day cancellations should be made by a phone call to assignor and coaches. In the event games are cancelled less than two (2) hours prior to game time, member schools are responsible for paying officials for such scheduled games. If two (2) games are scheduled, the officials will be paid one fee, that being the higher of the fees. Officials will also be paid for suspended games.

The THSLL Administrator shall update game schedules and notify the local SWLOA area assignor at least three (3) days prior to a scheduled game of all changes to date, time, and location of the contest, except when such cancellation or postponements are due to an act of nature. If there is a change within 24 hours of the scheduled start time, the THSLL Administrator is required to notify the SWLOA local area assignor by telephone or email.
Good luck!!

Tom Fitzsimmons
President, SWLOA