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Wednesday, October 28


WALL NJ- With his second consecutive all-star season for the Cincinnati Reds recently coming to a close, Todd Frazier returned home to the Jersey Shore, and appeared at South Wall Little League on Monday night for a Frazier Baseball and United States Amateur Baseball League clinic. Frazier, as well as his brothers Jeff and Charlie, were backed by a bevy of Frazier Baseball instructors and USABL representatives as the group led upward of 115 Little Leaguers through a series of hitting and fielding drills on the various South Wall Little League diamonds.

Todd Frazier praises young Mets pitching “The baseball season really ended five or six days ago, and we have all these kids out here, so it really shows the dedication they have to the sport,” said Frazier, who batted .255 with 35 home runs and 89 RBI this past season in Cincinnati. “It’s football season right now, and we have all these kids here hungry to learn how to play the game the right way.” “There’s been a lot of strides made over the past few years in New Jersey baseball, and especially in this young age group. And I want to see all these kids make it, whether that’s in high school or college or beyond. So we’re out here trying to teach them the right way.”

 The Little Leaguers from around the Shore were divided up by age groups to participate in tee work, fielding and throwing instruction, and several other position-related trainings with Jeff and Charlie Frazier leading the way, before a culminating talk and autograph session with the 2015 Home Run Derby champion. After discussing the strict daily training regimen that’s helped make him an All-Star-caliber player, Frazier created a conversational air by taking questions from his starry-eyed audience of young ballplayers — and that’s when the real fun began. Frazier fielded questions about his favorite teams growing up, the toughest opponents he’s faced, the longest home run he’s hit (about 495 feet, according to the former Toms River South star), and even his high school pitching record, which, at 7-9, he joked “was not so good.” “I love interacting with the kids at these events,” Frazier said. “I love the questions. I love the fearlessness they ask them with. I love the way they approach the game and their willingness to learn. I think that’s the best part of it.”

Through appearances like this and the way Frazier continues to remain active in his own baseball community, the big leaguer has proven to be an exceptional role model for local ballplayers, and it’s a role he is eager to shoulder. “I enjoy being a role model to these kids, and I hope we get more of them,” Frazier said. “There’s a lot of great athletes in New Jersey and great young talent coming up. I want to be someone they can look to.”

For more information on future Frazier Baseball events and clinics, visit or contact the USABL at




Please be aware that SWLL has invested in three (3)  Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) for use in case of a heart related (cardiac arrest) emergency.

AEDs are located as follows:

1) Lower Shack Bathroom near the Majors Field ( closest to Tilton Corner entrance)

2) 1 in the Junior Shed ( located at the Junior Filed closest to Atlantic Avenue entrance)

3) 1 in the Softball Shed  ( behind the Softball Field closest to Atlantic Avenue entrance)

After Collapse-The Clock Starts!

Time to defibrillation is probably the single most important determinant of survival in sudden cardiac arrest. Generally, every 1-minute delay in defibrillation decreases the likelihood of survival by approximately 10%.

If you recognize that someone is in cardiac arrest, have someone call 911 immediately - but don't wait for paramedics to act! Send someone to retrieve the AED immediately. Start CPR immediately until the AED arrives. Unpack the AED and follow the simple instructions provided with the AED. Immediate action makes a huge difference in the survival rate of cardiac arrest. YOU can make the difference by acting quickly. 


SWLL will be utilizing Volunteer Spot for shack scheduling this season

Some Important notes:

1) Shack shift are Saturday Only

2) All swapping and cancelling of shifts must be done on the volunteer spot website only.

3) If you cancel your shift and no one else takes it, your bond check will be cashed. Choose wisely.

4) Shift will be added as game schedule are created.

5) Shifts will be added from March 22-July 31 and September 6-November 1, 2014.

Volunteer Spot 


Volunteers are vital to keeping our league strong, if you would like to volunteer as a Manager or Coach check off the volunteer box during the registration process also indicate which childs team you would like to volunteer. A volunteer form will be attached to your receipt. Please fill out the form and return it to the address listed. Next go to our Volunteer & ID Information tab and follow the instructions for obtaining a valid township id. This is required by Wall Township and strictly enforced(Volunteer Form) or for returning volunteers (Returning Volunteer Form). If you missed the option during registration you can download and return the application to us.

Sponsors Needed! If you would like to sponsor a team or billboard please download and form fill out the form and send payment to the address listed.  (Sponsor Form ). 

All new players need to provide a birth certificate, you may send a copy to SWLL POB 13 Allenwood, NJ 08720 or scan and email a copy to (Please disregard if your son or daughter played last year.)


New Zero Tolerance Policy 

South Wall Little League has established a Code of Conduct for all Managers, Coaches, Umpires, Players, Parents, Spectators and Shack Employees.

The following infractions are considered ZERO INTOLERANCE events.

1) Fighting and/or Physical Contact.

2) Spectator entering the playing area WITHOUT prior approval from Manager, Coach or Umpire. 

3) Sexual Harrassment and/or sexually deviant behavior.

4) Destruction of and/or stealing of Little League property or equipment. 

5) Verbal threats, intimidation, and/or harrassment.

6) Possession of a firearm or other weapons during games, practices, or anywhere on complex property.

7) Knowlingly allowing a player to play while injured and/or creating an unsafe playing condition for any player.

These and any other violations or complaints brought against managers, coaches, players, spectators, umpires, or shack employees will be investigated by the SWLL Board of Directors. All complaints must be made in writing within a reasonable amount if time following incident (Complaint form).

Sanctions will be imposed at the discretion of the Board and may range from a single game suspension to a lifetime ban from South Wall Little League and its complex. The Board may take into account past infractions of any of the accused.


Division Categories and Descriptions click here 



The goal of the progam is twofold, fewer cans help reduce costs and fewer mosquitoes, flies, skunks, racoons and other pests. Past seasons have left our fields and dugouts littered with debris and the burden of cleanup left to board members, managers and coaches. It is unsitely and reflexs badly on our league. Please help us to keep our fields and grounds clean.



All Inquiries may be directed to: or 

via mail: SWLL P.O. BOX 13 ALLENWOOD, NJ 08720





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