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The Family Inc.

Mission and Vision

The Family Inc G.Y.M. is a not for profit youth organization offering aspiring and motivated student athletes access to a rewarding and personalized girls youth mentoring (G.Y.M. ) experience.  Though we promote education foremost, we use the sport of basketball as our tool to help young ladies realize their dream of a post secondary education.  Over the years, we have helped more than 100 young ladies receive full scholarships to colleges and universities throughout the United States.

Showcasing Talents

For the past 18 years, the Family Inc. has consistently been ranked as one of the top travel programs in the nation, providing our student athletes a unique opportunity to first develop the skills needed to compete at the college level, then to showcase those skills on a national stage. The best indication of future success is past success, and there are few programs in existence that can match The Family's track record of developing Division 1, All -American, Miss Basketball, and WNBA level players.   When ready, our athletes compete at elite Nike, US Junior National, and AAU national events and are scouted by the nations most prestigous universities.  Because of our long history of success, college coaches know and respect The Family, and an association with our program is a powerful asset for our student athletes as they enter the recruiting process.


Youth Mentoring

The Family is appropriately named, as there is much more to the program than athletics.   Serving females ages 8-18, Our Family, just like your family, works to help young ladies grow into succesful  and independent adults.  We provide a variety of support services; academic analysis and tutoring, adult mentoring, "sister to sister" mentoring, and employment networking.  Academics are highly valued and students are encouraged to bring their lessons and report cards to workouts.  The Family is a diverse organization that provides our participants a jump start on their college and work life as they learn to interact with and understand kids from a variety of cultures and backgrounds.


The Family Inc.

To date the The Family has graduated over 100 scholarship players, 2 National Player of the Year Winners, 14 All Americans, 6 Miss Basketball Winners, and 5 WNBA professional athletes.  



Our Family History - UPDATED 2011

Tuesday, June 28
All Team News moved to Family News Tab - Updated for Summer 2011!

After a long break - the news is back! 

 It's all still here, but we keep updating so much we had to move it off our home page.   Just click above or on the Family News tab to stay tuned in with what's happening with the top girls basketball players in Indiana.

UPDATED SUMMER 2011 - FAMILY HONOR ROLL - Our Scholarship Players - Over 100 and Still Counting!