SWAT Fastpitch Softball: Welcome

Wednesday, February 26

What a great year on the way! New friends, new teams, new coaches and new adventures, so what does this mean for the Titanium 12u girls? More fun than a barrel of monkeys? What am I saying most of these girls have never even seen a barrel of monkeys, that’s for us old folks! Well anyway, there are a lot of experiences on the way and I am looking forward to being a part of every single one of them and I am sure the Titanium girls are to. 

This new site is going to be the hub for our communication and team spirit postings.  I will be looking for help from the girls and parents.  I would like to see the girls posting cool and funny pictures, quotes, chants and other spirit and team building post.

There will be video links to helpful softball tips, funny clips and much more, including weekly news letters (during the season) that I would like each girl contribute to.  More on this coming soon. 

Why do we need to do all of this?   Sponsors!  We need somewhere that we can place sponsors information, because Lord knows I can’t afford this sport without them.  Building team dynamics is another reason, but more than anything it’s just another way to teach our youth, about life and preparing them for the future.