St. Vincent College Hockey: History of the Polar Bearcats

Tuesday, November 10
The History of the St. Vincent College Polar Bearcats


Any person who has ever played ice hockey at Saint Vincent College is part of a tradition that dates back to 1969. The scores, statistics and stories contained in the history section of the web page have been carefully reconstructed from old score sheets,hand written notes, old newspaper articles, and first hand stories. The first attempt to assemble this history was done by Mike Ziemianski in 1979. Since theoriginal paper publication covering the first 10 years of the team some inaccuracies have been discovered and when validated, corrected in this on line version.

It is entirely possible that former players have pieces of missing information, additional photos, or statistics that may differ slightly from those published here. If you feel you have material that will enhance the historical accuracy of what ispresented, have a photo you would like to add, or would simply like to provide filler that would make the site more accurate, please contact Mike Ziemianski at .

These pages are the history of an outstanding tradition. One that every player or off ice administrator helped to build and create. It is part of the Saint Vincent experience that molded each person fortunate enough to be touched by it in someway. Enjoy the ride and have fun browsing!

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Historical Game Scores

Historical Team Statistics

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