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Monday, June 6

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Summer 2015:

7/27/15: Cardinals finish First during regular season in shortened season. Playoffs up next!

 The Cardinals finished a very wet and mostly rained out 2015 season in first place. This marks the first time in the teams history that it finished the regular season in sole postion of first place. Congrats! Here come the playoffs Saturday!

5/23/15: New Look Cardinals try to get back on championship track.

The Newport News Cardinals have gone through a roster turnover this offseason and look to get back to their championship winning ways. They have also relocated their home field to kecoughtan high school and have changed their uniforms for the first time in years. The new look Cardinals will try to win their 3rd championship in 4 years this season.


Summer 2014: 

8/10/14: Cardinals Lose in rain forced  single elimination playoff

The Cardinals fell to the Canes 4-1 in the single elimination playoff on saturday. This marks the first playoff loss for the Cardinals in 2 years. Here are your  Cardinal Stat leaders:

Offense: Plate Apperances- Liberta (58),  Watkins(48), Jordan Carter(43). Hits- Liberta(16), Jordan Carter(14), Lewis(14). Doubles- Sizemore(4), Watkins(3), Jordan Carter (2). Homeruns- Watkins(2), Jordan Carter(1). RBI- Watkins(12), Lewis(8), Liberta(7). Walks- Liberta(16), Jordan Carter(7), Gould(6). OBP- Liberta(0.569), Lewis(0.567), Jordan Carter(0.488). AVG- Liberta (0.390), Jordan Carter(0.389), Watkins(0.325).

Pitching: Apperances- Watkins(6), West(4).  Complete Games- Watkins(3). Innings Pitched- Watkins(43), West(20), Lewis(19). Strikeouts- Watkins(71), Lewis(20), West(15). Wins- Watkins(4), West(2). ERA- Watkins(0.63), Lewis(2.37).


7/12/14: Cardinals Offense Helps Lead West AllStars to victory; Bryant Liberta wins MVP

The Cardinals were represented in this years All-Star game by: Bryant Liberta, Jordan Carter, Chris Trotter, and Chris Nelson. Every Cardinal played a major role in this years victory. The AllStar Game MVP went to Bryant Liberta who helped set the pace offensively by hitting a homerun off Daniel Lutz in the 3rd inning. This is the 2nd All Star Game MVP of his SVABL career. Congrats to all who participated and Goodluck the rest of the way!


6/21/14: Robbie Watkins has historical night on the mound vs Deltas at Deltaville Ballpark with a No-Hitter!

Cardinals beat the Deltas 5-0 and Robbie Watkins had a pitching performance to remember as he No-Hit the Deltas in their own stadium. Congrats Robbie and well done Cardinals! 


May 2014:The Cardinals look to win Back-to-Back-to-Back Championships in the 2014 season 

Another year about to start and the Cardinals contiue to add new faces to their lineup/bullpen in the offseason. Should be another great year as the Cardinals try to 3Peat as Champs.

Summer 2013:

The Cardinals win Back-to-Back Championships!!!

Another undefeated Playoff run kept the Cardinals on top of the baseball world as they defeated the Deltas to win their second champioship. Congrats Cardinals, Goodluck next year! 


7/24/13 The Cardinals finished the regular season in 2nd place at 15-3. Here are this years league leaders:

OFFENSE: Games Played: Liberta(18), Nelson(18), Watkins/Trotter/Merrit(17). Plate Apperances: Liberta(65), Watkins(62), Sizemore/Nelson(60).  Hits: Sizemore(20), Nuttycombe(17), Seals(15). Doubles: Sizemore(9), Carter(4), Nuttycombe(3). HR: Watkins(2), Carter/Burton/Sizemore/Nelson/Seals(1). RBI: Sizemore(20), Nelson(19), Watkins(17). BB: Liberta(20), Carter(12), Gould(11). OBP: Carter(.615), Gould(.588), Collins(.485). AVG: Carter(.423), Nuttycombe(.395), Sizemore/Gould(.364).

PITCHING: Apperances: Merrit(9), Watkins/Ham(6), Sizemore/Nuttycombe(3). Complete Games: Watkins(3), Merrit/Ham(2). Innings Pitched: Merrit(45 1/3), Ham(30), Watkins(29 1/3). Strikeouts: Merrit(53), Watkins(46), Ham(26). Wins: Merrit(5), Watkins/Ham(4). ERA: Watkins(1.84), Ham (2.70).


 CONGRATS on a great regular season! GOODLUCK in the playoffs! Go Cardinals! 


7/20/13 Congrats to the following Cardinals for being selected to the 2013 All-Star game!

-Robbie Watkins

-Cody Seals

-Shawn Sizemore

-Chris Nelson

-Bryant Liberta (Twitter Fan Vote Winner) 


5/20/13: Cardinals re-locate to new home field and update their team name; Looking to become back-to-back champs

The Newly crowned champion Cardinals open up the season with a new field to call home and a new name. No longer are they the "peninsula cardinals" but they have offically relocated to become the Newport News Cardianls. With this relocation, they will now be calling "Malfalcone Field" at Deer Park thier new home.

The Cardinals are returing their main core of guys, as well as some reinforcements, to the team this year. Last yeaer the Cardinals won their first SVABL championship and they will look to win their first back-to-back championships this year.  Please stop on by the new facilities and enjoy the action! Go Cardinals!


Summer 2012:  8/5/12: The Cardinals go undefeated in playoffs and win thier first SVABL championship!!

The 2012 season ended in a magical post season run for the Cardinals, as they were able to go 4-0 in the playoffs and win thier first title. They ran through the 61s in the first round thanks to the pitching performace of Lewis and play making ability of Nuttycombe. The game was the first of two to play that day because of a rain out the day before.

All-Star vs All-Star pitching performance had Watkins facing off vs Lutz and the #1 seed Pirates. The Offensive scored just enough runs to win and Watkins took over from there with a dominant pitching performance as they won 2-0.

The next game had the Cardinals facing off their rivals, the Deltas at Deltaville park. The Cardinals have not lost a game in Deltaville in two years, and the trend contiuned on this night. A great pitching performance by Merritt and the staff while offensivly lead by Lewis and Collins, the Cardinals were able to hold on and hold off a Deltaville comeback winning 6-5. 

This set up a rematch of last years championship game, pitting the Cardinals vs the Pirates. Except this year, the roles were reversed and the Pirates had to win two games to become champs. The pitching matchup stayed as it had the game earlier in the postseason, Watkins vs Lutz. The Cardinals jumped out early and held on to a 4-1 lead after a homerun by the Pirates. Watkins eventually injured his shoulder and could not continue to pitch, forcing the Cardinals to go through their assortment of pitchers: lewis and Merritt. The Pirates fought back and tied the game 4-4 whle both teams were put in pressure situations but nobody could out a run across the board. It stayed tied until the 13th inning, when the Cardinals had 2nd and 3rd with one out. The Pirates intentionally walked Watkins to load the bases and bring up Liberta. Swinging at the first pitch, he sent a ground ball past the thrid basemen and short stop and hit a Walkoff single to win the game and bring home the first championship in Cardinals History.

We would like to say congrats to everyone within the Cardinals organization for the job well done and to the loyal fans who came to the games.

 The Cardinals will look to REPEAT as Champs in the upcomming 2013 season. 



7/27/12: The Cardinals finished in 4th place in the Regular Season at a 10-9 record. Here are the Team Stat Leaders for this year:

OFFENSE: Games- Liberta 19, Nuttycombe 18, C. Nelson 17. PA- Liberta 67, Nuttycombe 62, Watkins 57.  Hits- Liberta 18/Ritz 18, Collins 16. Doubles- Collins 5, Liberta/Watkins 4.  HR- Gould 1. RBI- Collins 11, Watkins 10, Liberta/Burton 8. BB- Liberta 14, Ritz 11, Burton 10. OBP- Ritz .571, Liberta .507, Collins .396. AVG- Ritz .429, Liberta .353, Collins .340. 

PITCHING:  Apperances- Watkins 7, Merritt 6. IP- Watkins 33, Merritt 26. STRIKEOUTS- Watkins 51, Merritt 28. WINS- Watkins 4, Henning 2. ERA- Nuttycombe 0.82(11innings), West 1.29, Lewis 3.50(18innings), Watkins 3.82

 Congrats on a great Regular season, and GOODLUCK in the playoffs!! 

7/14/12: Congrats to the following Cardinals players who represented the team in this years SVABL All Star Game:

-Bryant Liberta

-Aaron Merritt

-Chris Trotter 

Season Opener: * The Cardinals will open up this season versus their long time nemisis, the York Cannons.  Several players will be returning to the Cardinals in 2012, including; Chris Trotter (7th season), Jose "Nine-Numb" Ruiz (7th Season), Anthony Harris (17th season in the league, 2nd with Cards), "Franchise" Stephen Henning (4th season), Aaron Merrit (4th season), and of course, the Menchville Quartet of Gage Collins, Bryant Liberta, Alex "Big Nuts" Nuttycombe, and of course MVP Robbie Watkins.  Geo Rivera will also be back for his 9th season (8th with Cards).  Chris "Big Game" Trotter will run the squad this year and for the first time since the fall of 2006, bring home a championship. 


Spring 2011: Wham!!! For the third consecutive post season, the Cards played for the title, and for the third consecutive season, they went home as bridesmaids.  For those of you with short memories, I will remind you; The Astros fiasco in 2009 (Lost by forfeit) and we're still steaming. The Cannons close one in 2010, and finally, losing a very close one to the Pirates in 2011, losing to their ace 5-3.  Several newcomers, helped the Cardinals continue thier success in 2011, including; longtime Pirate Anthony "Puddin" Harris, Justin Woods, Cleve Holbrooks, and of course, MVP Robbie Watkins.  Good luck to the Cards in 2012 and watch for another exciting year. 

Congrats to the following Cardinals for making the 2011 SVABL All-Star Game; Robbie Watkins (1), Gage Collins (2), *Mike "Granny" Granata (8), *Stephen Henning (2), and Atlanta's favorite son, Tommy Griffiths (1). The All-Star game will be played at Deltaville Stadium on July 16th, and will follow the 10th annual Home Run Derby. Come out and support the team. 


(# of All-Star appearances) 


*Justin "Marion" Woods will be the All-Star Game alternate, replacing Mike "Granny" Granata who is sporting a very un-Jeterlike injury.

*Anthony "Big Game" Harris will be the alternate for "Franchise" Stephen Henning.  The '04 All-Star MVP will be making his 9th appearance.


The Cardinals are 8-8 heading into the break and as always will look to carry momentum into the play-offs as they attempt to play in the third consecutive championship game. Good Luck Cards. 


Spring 2010: The Peninsula Cardinals ended the regular season in 2nd place(12-8). We went to the championship for the second year in a row losing 4-1.


Spring 2009: The Peninsula Cardinals ended the regular season in 5th place(6-14).  And, the play-offs began much like the regular season, rough & tough.  We lost our first game of the double elimination tournament 11-6 to the Deltaville Deltas and were faced with a daunting task from the start.  Win em' all or go home.  We did just that! We eliminated the Braves, the #3 Pirates, the #1 seeded Cannons, and the #4 Deltaville squad as we propelled ourselves into the finals versus the #2 Astros. It was a warm Sunday past and following an extra inning win versus the Deltas we were excited about being in the finals.  Following a dugout fiasco at the start, the game got underway and was very exciting.  The Astros took a 3-1 lead and then, like an atomic bomb out of a Michael Bay movie, our bats exploded to take an 8-3 lead.  The game ended 8-7 with a Green to Ruiz put-out.  We were 5-1 in the play-offs and playing strong.  All we had to do was win one more game.  Since we were unable to play the next day (Monday), we were hoping the Astros could play the following Saturday, in this fun weekend league.  But, all our efforts to move the game were meaningless.  The Astros took the forfeit and the title.  Hopefully like the records of the steroid era, this title casts doubt.  Maybe it deserves one of those asterisk******* or something. Several players were honored this year as league leaders. Here is a list of their accomplishments:


Pitching Leaders:


Innings Pitched: Aaron Merritt (46.67) & Alan Riley (34.00), ERA: Aaron Merritt (3.47), Strikeouts: Aaron Merritt (41).


Batting Leaders:


AVG: Bryant Liberta (.449) & Mike Granata (.436), Hits: Mike Granata (24) & Bryant Liberta (22), Doubles: Bryant Liberta (6) & Jose Ruiz (5), Home Runs: Bryant Liberta (2) & Stephen Green (2), RBI's: Bryant Liberta (13) & Mike Granata (11), BB's:  Mike Granata (11), SB's: Ethan Newton (11).


Congratulations Cardinals................................


Peninsula Cardinals successful in 2009 All-Star Game


The 2009 All-Star game at Plumeri Park was a huge success for the Cardinals.  The Cardinals, Pirates, and Deltas were triumphant over the Cannons, Astros, and Braves by a score of 8-4.  Robert Bunch was 1-3 with a run scored and the Cardinals stud closer also picked up the save. Mike Granata was 1-3 with an RBI and 4 assists in the field, Aaron Merritt was 2-2 with a BB, run scored and a SB.  The Cardinals ace was also successful on the mound as he held hitters at bay for  2 strong innings while picking up the win.  First year Cardinal Bryant Liberta took home MVP honors for the evening by smashing 2 doubles to the wall.  The Cardinals will look to carry their success into the '09 Play-Offs.  Good Luck Cards and way to go.


Spring 2008: We ended the regular season in 4th place with a 10-10 record. In the playoff's we ended (1-2) in 5th place.


The following Cardinals have represented our team among the 2008 SVABL League Leaders. Congratulations!


Pitching Leaders:


Innings pitched: Alan Riley (62.33), Wins: Alan Riley (4), Strikeouts: Alan Riley (45) & Chris Trotter (32)


Batting Leaders:


Runs: Chris Trotter (17), Hits:Jose Ruiz (21), Doubles:Jose Ruiz (9),Triples:Stephen Henning (3) & Trevor Green (2),   RBI's:Jose Ruiz (18), Stolen Bases:Scott Jones (9),Trevor Green (8),Alan Riley (7) & Geo Rivera (6), Walks:Chris Trotter (19) & Scott Jones (15). 


Spring 2007: We ended the regular season (12-8)record giving us third place.In the playoff's we were (1-2)  ending in 4th place.We would also like to congratulate these guys leading the league in:


walks: Chris Trotter (22)


doubles: Jose Ruiz (12)


& the top 4 spots for stolen bases: Alan Riley (15),Trevor Green (13),Scott Jones (13) & DJ Chavez (11). 

Fall 2006: We won the Fall Ball Championship. We beat the Astros 5-1 in the first round to advance to the championship game. In the championship game we beat the Cannons 9-4.


Spring 2006: We ended the regular season with a record of (7-13) giving us 4th place.In the playoff's we were (1-2) ending in 4th place.We also would like to congratulate Michael "Granny" Granata in getting MVP honors at the 2006 All-Star game going (1-1 with 3 RBI's).

We didn't win the Championship in 2006 but we accomplished alot. We had the top two spots in batting average for the regular season Alan Riley .490 & Michael Granata .457. We also had the top spot in e.r.a for pitching Chris Trotter 1.38.


Spring 2005: Was our first season and we ended it with a record of (8-16) giving us 5th place. In the playoff's we were (2-2) ending in 3rd place.


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