Sutton Youth Basketball: Travel Program

Thursday, October 16

Tryouts will be held October 28th - November 6th

  • 3rd grade boys and 4th grade girls are invited to tryout.  Please note that 3rd grade boys and 4th grade girls will only make a team if space allows.  Preference is given to 4th grade boys and 5th grade girls.
  • Attention 6th grade girls - There are roster spots available for the 6th grade girls team.  Please consider trying out even if you did not play travel basketball last season. 
  •  If you are a returning player, please wear your uniform jersey
  • We recommend that you attend both tryout sessions.  All players must attend at least one.
  • Games start Sunday, November 30th and run through early March
  • We are in need of 1 - 3 volunteers to run concessions at the Elementary Gym please email Andrea Maselek at


Sunday, October 27
2013-14 Sutton Travel Program

Travel Program.

The Travel Program participates in the SCMYBL, competing against like age players of surrounding towns.  The travel program is more demanding and is a bigger time commitment than our Recreation League.  A few of the basic requirements to be eligible for a travel team are:

·         The girls Travel Program have teams for grades 5, 6, 7 and 8.  (Age restrictions may apply in some cases).

·         The boys Travel Program have teams for grades 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. (Age restrictions may apply in some cases).

·         Potential players must participate in at least one of the two tryout dates. 

·         Evaluators evaluate and choose the best skilled players that “make” the team.


In recent years, the Travel Program has expanded the number of teams.  Typically we try to get at least one team in the league for each grade, however for some grades we’ve had zero teams and some we have had two teams.  The number of teams for each grade will be solely the decision of the SYB board.  The decision has many factors, however a couple of the key factors are:

·         Number of eligible and dedicated players for a given grade.

·         Qualified  and dedicated coach (determined solely by the SYB board)

·         Facility availability.

In the cases where we may have multiple teams at a certain grade, the teams are divided into an “A” group and a “B” group.  The “A” will be a stronger basketball group; as such will participate in a stronger division of the SCMYBL than a “B” group.  NOTE:  a player’s participation from previous seasons does not secure or guarantee a certain spot on future travel teams.  Players will move up and down.  In some cases there may be cuts.

The evaluation process of tryouts is difficult for our volunteers, and each year we evaluate and tweak the process.  This year we are adding additional “independent” evaluators to help with the process.