Sutton Youth Basketball: Welcome

Sutton Youth Basketball

Wednesday, November 6
Girls Travel Teams

Team Coach Player
Girls 5 Wandyes Beachman, Sarah
    Capobianco, Carley
    Cofsky, Emma
    Joseph, Leah
    Kassatly, Lindsay
    Perry, Nicole
    Roy, Lauren
    Sawicki, Julia 
    Snow, Jaedyn
    Towle, Riley
    Troy, Kaitlyn
    Vereque, Amandine
    Wandyes, Kelsie
    Wright, Catherine
Girls 6 Cofsky Biamou, Patricia
    Burke, Meagan
    Cofsky, Danielle
    Courville, Aliyssa
    Cronin, Ciara
    Edwards, Elaina
    George, Madison
    Jerz, Sierra
    Nichols, Hannah
    Walsh, Jennifer
    White, Laura
    Wright, Alison
Girls 7 Soule Cofsky, Katie
    Cox, Mackenzie
    Donovan, Bridgette
    Donovan, Eileen
    Flynn, Karmela
    Galipeau, Jenna
    Green, Maggie
    Nieves, Carmen
    Pacenka, Julie
    Soule, Kiki
    Warren, Samantha
Girls 8 Arthaud Arthaud, Lauren
    Burke, Jessica
    Dimmick, Erica 
    Fraoli, Natalie
    Hicks, Samantha
    Hicks, Sarah
    Tetreault, Julia
    White, Alexis

Wednesday, November 6
Boys Travel Teams

Team Coach Player
Boys 4 Margoupis Acocelli, Gavin
    Allen, Jared
    Edwards, Willem
    Ford, Jacob
    Johnson, Briant
    Johnson, Gabriel
    Kapusta, Carter
    Margoupis, Jack
    Marois, Max
    Rogan, Aidan
    Viele, Jacob
Boys 5A Bethune Allen, Finn
    Benedict, Connor 
    Bethune, Andre
    Conley, Ryan 
    Cotoia, David
    DeCaire, Eric
    MacDonald, Thomas
    Maselek, Thomas
    Mendoza, Kyle
    Moy, Jack
Boys 5B tbd Busha, William
    Distefano, Tyler
    Frascolla, Angelo
    Frascolla, Braeden
    King, Anthony
    Lukas, Johnathan
    Parsekian, Michael
    Sartiah, Harold
Boys 6 tbd Angell, Dale
    Bohanan, Cody
    Cross, Kyle
    Faucher, Brendan
    Green, Jameson
    Grenon, Bryson
    Grenon, Trevian
    Palmer, Nick
    Parlante, Ryan
    Towle, James
Boys 7A Lorkiewicz Corbett, Tyler
    Cotoia, Anthony
    Goulet, Jared
    Hartigan, Michael
    Katinas, joseph
    Lorkiewicz, Matt
    Mongeon, Jason
    Salvatore, James
    Stowe, Lucas
    Troy , Logan 
Boys 7B Kassatly Edwards, Patrick
    Karsen, Dylan
    Kassatly, Adam
    Lornell, Lucas
    Pierce, Zayne
    Roy, Evan 
    Sullivan, Noah
    Sullivan, Tyler
    Tessier, Kalvin
    Vallero, Michael
    Williams, Foley
Boys 8A Grenon Buffone, Jarod
    Buffone, Justin
    Burke, Sean
    Carkin, Ryan
    Craft, Noah
    Flannery, Kyle
    Grenon, Ashton
    Lucia, Wyatt
    McVey, Evan
    Simonelli, Michael
    Yargeau, Damon
Boys 8B Carkin Cao, Calvin
    Donovan, Evan
    Frascolla, Frank
    Giangregorio, Ryan
    Jepsen, Joseph
    Jepsen, Nicholas
    Kidd, Benjamin
    Moy, Andrew
    Rodwill, Bryan
    Rogan, Liam

Sunday, October 27
2013-14 Travel Information

We are planning to have a full season of travel basketball for the kids of Sutton.  In addition, we expect to have about the same number of players and teams as we have for the past few seasons... as usual the determining factor will be:

  • interest by players.
  • volunteers to support. 


Sutton Gym Space.

There is only one gym in Sutton, the elementary gym.  We are not going to have any priority on getting gym time in the Elementary gym.  As the season progresses, we might get some spots, but we will not be planning on it.


Sunday Games.

We have secured gym space in 2 places for Sunday Home games:

·         Whitin Community Center.  4 games every Sunday, most games will be for 4th, 5th & some 6th grade divisions.  We are the host team.

·         Douglas Elementary gym.  This is a brand new gym in a brand new building…. Full size floor with glass backboards-beautiful!  4 games every Sunday, we are the host team.


Saturday Recreation Hoops.

Unfortunately, there will be no recreation hoops this year.


Saturday Practice space.

We have secured the Douglas HS gym for Saturdays.  There are 2 full courts.  We will be splitting up the times/spaces at an upcoming meeting.  Sharing will have to happen.


Second Practice days.

We are working to secure a second practice time for all teams.  We have a couple gyms that we are talking to, but nothing finalized.



It will be a challenging season for us. However I do believe we will have another successful year.  Thanks to all who have helped pull things together.  And thanks to all for your patience as we are getting the season together.