Sutter Buttes Little League: Welcome

Please email for any questions.

Fall Ball Registration is open! Registration   $65

Fall Ball teams will be formed by the end of the month of August.  Games typically run mid-September through mid-November.

All players must fill out the medical release. No proof of residence or birth cert required for Fall Ball.

Sutter Buttes Little League Annual General Member Meeting will be Wednesday, September 20th at 6pm at the Franklin School Gym. This is a meeting where all members will nominate and vote for the new board which will begin October 1st. Once it is decided who is on the board, the board will have another meeting to choose who gets what position. A voting member is anyone who obtained a membership card this season OR any person who was a Manager, Coach, Team Parent or Board Member this season. We really need a lot of dedicated volunteers to run this league. If you are interested in becoming a board member please come to this meeting to let our members know you are interested in joining. Here is a link to little league’s definition of the Board of Director roles. Here is a link to Fall election procedures.



See link Residence-Eligibility for document requirements. 

      (Read below for boundaries and schools in our boundaries.)

Visit the section Handouts/Documents for more information. 


Schools in our boundaries: Butte Vista, April Lane, King Ave, Andros Kerberos, Gray Ave, Twin Rivers Charter, River Valley High School
The following school are in Peach Bowl Little League Boundaries (Barry, Bridge Street, Faith Christian, Lincoln, Lincrest Park Ave., Riverbend, St. Isadore, Yuba City High School)  

Our territory:  Both sides of Elmer down Tharp to HWY 20 ---- West on HWY 20 to Geo. Washington (both sides) to Lincoln Rd ---- West on Lincoln Rd to HWY99 ----- North on HWY 99 to Bridge Street --- West on Bridge Street to Sutter Street --- North on Sutter Street to Sanders Rd ---- East on Sanders Rd to Elmer  

BASEBALL (Age-Division) (4-5-6 T-ball), (6-8 Farm), (9-10 Minors), (11-12 Majors), (11-13 50/70), (13-14 Juniors), (15-16 Seniors) :  SOFTBALL (Age-Division) no sb tball, (6-8 Farm), (9-10 Minors), (11-12 Majors), (13-14 Juniors), (15-16 Seniors) : 

Refer to the following link for League Age Calculator.


Used Equipment Donations:  If you have any used equipment that you would like to pass on please bring it to the league and we can store it with the equipment.  Then we can pass it out to those who can use it.    

Sponsorships and Donations:  Sutter Buttes Little League is looking for business sponsorships to help raise money for our league as well as let the community know about your business. We offer team jersey sponsorships as well as business sign sponsorships that are displayed at the field. If interested please look for form in the "Handouts" section. Team sponsorships need to be in by February to get names on jerseys in time. Any donations are always welcome and very appreciated.  Please contact our league if you wish to help.

Thank you to all our Parents, Players, Coaches, Managers, Board Members and other Volunteers
that help make Sutter Buttes Little League a success!