Surprise Volleyball Academy: About Us

Questions??? Please contact the club Director Jimmie Beard at     623-332-1550

or contact Assistant Director/Head Coach at       623-332-2558

Surprise Volleyball Academy (SVA) is a non-profit organization registered with the AAU and the USAV which provides opportunities for athletes to play competitive volleyball. Founded and based in Surprise, Arizona, SVA is represented by coaches and players who live in the city of Surprise. SVA is continuing on the original club's 4th year, offering opportunities for players from the ages of 7-18.

Surprise Volleyball Academy is volleyball at its best! Our athletes receive quality coaching from our USAV certified coaches, play with other equally-skilled athletes, face top-level competition and have a lot of fun! It takes commitment and discipline to be involved, but the rewards are worth it. The benefits of club volleyball are endless. For serious high school players and players wanting to continue their volleyball career at the collegiate level, club volleyball gives those athletes the opportunity to develop their skills during the off-season. Players benefit from over 100 practice hours with high level coaches, as well as match experience during tournaments. Tournaments also allow players to play in front of college coaches, which assists in the recruiting process. If you are interested in trying out for our club, please contact Jimmie Beard at 623-332-1550.

SVA Mission

Our goal is to start by teaching our athletes the basic fundamentals to build a solid foundation for future success. Then, as the athletes progress through our programs, they gain confidence, experience and mastery of more advanced concepts and techniques.

Our goal is to train each athlete as an individual and help them to enhance their overall volleyball performance. The overall volleyball performance not only focuses on skill development but the basic understanding and team concepts of the sport of volleyball. We desire to teach and reach each participant about the sport of volleyball and the benefits of this lifetime sport. Too often in sports the well being of the person/child is put at the expense of other agendas. At SVA, every decision we make is made on behalf of what is best for our participants.

SVA Philosophy

Our Philosophy as a premier volleyball club is to promote opportunities for individuals and families as they experience volleyball. Coaches, players and parents of the SVA are asked to recognize their unique role as a member of a select group of individuals. As part of that select group we are encouraged to be prideful of our accomplishments, yet humble when showing it, we are encouraged to be competitive, but respectful to our opponents, we are mindful of those who have helped us achieve our goals, and we will take the time to help others who are striving to accomplish the same.

The "Volleyball Pyramid" Principle

Have you ever wondered why one team is more successful than another team in the game of volleyball? Terry Pettit suggests that there are certain foundational aspects that must be built upon to gain success.

The people involved with a team are the foundation of the pyramid. That includes individual talent as well as knowledge and experience. If teams are equal in talent, the team with a better mastery of volleyball fundamentals will have greater sucess. If teams are matched in talent and in the mastery of fundamentals, the team with better system design will endure. The system design of a volleyball team consists of the offensive and defensive rotations, special team plays and the ease of transitions. The next leavel of volleyball is physical conditioning. If two teams match up in all three of the previous categories, then the team in top physical shape will most likely win the game. Lastly, if two teams match up in all four of those categories, the team that has the greatest abilitiy to adjust to different pressurs and situations will endure to victory. Players who understand this pyramid will gain a greater understanding of the steps that must be taken to achieve success. (Pettit, 1995)