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Fall Ball Philosophy

Fall baseball/softball season is focused on developmentally (skill) appropriate instruction and play for all participants. Winning and losing, competition, and strict adherence to official rules are de-emphasized. Instead, the emphasis is to increase the child's skills and confidence so that he/she may enjoy success in the more intensive spring season. Participation in fall ball is at the child's competitive and developmental level. This may mean a more homogenous grouping of skill levels so that children experience the skill-appropriate instruction and competition necessary to advance to the next skill level. It also may mean rules and competition are modified. Participation in fall ball is encouraged, as it is a predictor of success and enjoyment in the spring season and beyond.




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Handout: Schedules

Friday, March 14
Schedules are subject to change

Please be aware all schedules are subject to change. 

Saturday, September 20
Fall 2014 Game Schedules

Handout: Schedules