Surf Academy Boys '95-'96: Player News: Holt Recognized Nationally & Locally

Wednesday, August 26
Holt Recognized Nationally & Locally
San Diego Surf BU14 Academy player Erik Holt’s ability to show composure, aggressiveness, focus and discipline landed him a spot in two regional ODP camps and a youth national team camp in Massachusetts.

Holt Recognized Nationally & Locally | Joe Penya, Mike Nicholson, Surf Cup, Cathedral Catholic, ODP, Erik Holt, Surf, Jacob Holt, Zach Deville, Paul Currie

Erik Holt at the 2009 San Diego Surf Cup.
Holt, a seventh grader, learned a lot from the experience.

“I kind of grew in a way because you play with better people and you are away from your parents,” Holt said.

Holt realized that competing with the best in the nation meant focusing on every aspect of his game, from his fitness level to his discipline to the foods he eats.

Holt went to the U14 national camp with some advice from Surf standout Zach Deville, who has had his fair share of youth national team experience.

“He told me it’s going to be really hot and you are just going to have to work through it,” Holt said.

Big brother Jacob Holt (Cathedral Catholic), a Surf BU18 Academy player, no doubt offered some advice as well. Jacob, a midfielder, is in the midst of some heavy college recruiting.

Erik’s family is most proud of his great attitude, which is rooted in Erik’s love for the game.

Erik’s good attitude was on full display at the recent San Diego Surf Cup. He dished out assists in the quarterfinals and was friendly even after his team's defeat. On the weekend, the team gave up just three goals. Erik played a good defensive role for Coach Paul Currie’s team.

Holt's Quick Q&A

What would you like to work on? Everyone needs to do fast play, and I’d like to keep working on my foot speed.

Who has been the most influential in your soccer career? Joe Penya; he just helped get my confidence and helped with my composure to get the ball. Also, Mike Nicholson. He let me have the freedom to work my game.