Surf Academy Boys '95-'96: Player News: Surf Star Spotlight: Corey Baird

Tuesday, February 3
Surf Star Spotlight: Corey Baird
Corey Baird epitomizes soccer talent. His versatility gives his Cal South ODP and Surf teams options. Baird's forte recently landed him a spot with the 1995 ODP team, even though he was born in 1996.

Surf star Corey Baird.
While he has been in Cal-South's Young Olympians program, the 1996 age group does not have an ODP program. He was added to the 1995 group in the past month after several training sessions and scrimmages with the 1995 team.

According to the ODP coaches and scouts, this is the first time a boy in the Young Olympians program has been pulled up into an ODP to compete in the Region IV ODP Championship in Phoenix. Baird made himself right at home.

Despite his age and the fact that he was a recent addition, Baird quickly became a core member of the team, playing the entire time in both the semifinal and final matches. He played both center midfield and defense. To cap things off, he got the second goal in a 2-0 win over Washington.

Corey Baird

School: Bear Valley Middle School

Position: Center Midfield/Forward

Age: 12

Years playing soccer: Eight

Club: Surf

Favorite pro team: Manchester United

Best soccer memory:

Scoring against the Aztecs two years ago in a match that we had to win by two goals. We did win, 2-0.

Pre-game ritual:

I make sure that I eat a good meal two to three hours before each game, and I also make sure to drink one to two bottles of water with electrolytes if it’s hot.

What has your experience in the ODP program been like?

I have had a great time, especially in Phoenix. It is cool playing with great players at such a high level. It has taught me to play with different players and how to play in different positions. In Phoenix, I played three different positions: center midfield, stopper and right back.

What are your hopes for your soccer career?

To play at a good college – hopefully Cal – and maybe become a professional.

What has playing soccer taught you off the field?

If you work hard and put your mind to it, anything is possible.

What coaches have been the most instrumental in your career?

Mike (Nico) Nicholson. He has pushed me very hard in my three years on Surf. He believed that I had great potential, and I think it has paid off. Also, Josh Shelton. Josh really focused on skills and fundamentals and made soccer fun!

Who is the player who you would most like to play with and why?

Kaka. I really like his playing style.