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How and where do I upload sounds to my site?

You can upload sounds to your site wherever you see a form that includes a button to "Add Sound". The Welcome, News and Album sections accept sounds. Sound/music files must be in MIDI (.mid), WAV (.wav) or MPEG-3 (.mp3) format.

Click the "Add Sound" button on the form. A new form will load which will have a "Browse" button on it. Click this button and your computer will open up a screen that will allow you to access the files on your hard drive. Select a MIDI, WAV or mp3 file and double-click the file name. The name of the file should appear on the form.

Click the "Upload Sound" button and your browser will freeze for a moment while the file is uploading to your site. When it is finished, the main form should return. You will see the music file listed within the "Sound" section. You can now continue adding or updating the information to the rest of the form.

TIP: You may find it useful to add all your sound files to the Sounds section of the Admin Upload folder. Therefore, you will be able to use the Select Existing Sound option within the "Add Sound" forms.

Note: If you don't see a "Browse" button on the Upload form, this means that your browser is not compatible. Try updating to the latest version. Choose from the options below.

Internet Explorer
Safari (for Macintosh OS X and higher)

Note: If you can't find your files when searching on your hard drive, try choosing "All Files" from the drop down next to Files of type: in your file window.

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Where can I find sound files to upload?

Your best bet when trying to find a music file in the specified .mid or .wav file format is to use a search engine on the Internet. When searching for mp3 files, be sure it is a legal copy that you purchased or you created from your own Audio CD.

Some great search engines to use are:

Some key phrases to use in your search are:
"free midi music"
"free wav music"
"free mp3 music"
"free midi files"
"free wav files"
"free mp3 files"

If you are looking for a specific song, you may want to use the name of the song along with the file extension. For example, type in "The Star Spangled Banner midi file".

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Why can't I hear the music on my site?

There could be many issues why music is not playing. First, check if you see a player icon where the music should be (on your home page, news page, etc.). If there is no player icon or the browser tells you that you are missing a plug-in, you will need to get a plug-in that can play MIDI (.mid), WAV (.wav) and mp3 sounds. Most new browsers come with these plug-ins built in. Even if you already have a plug-in, it is good to reinstall and/or get the latest updates for your music applications.

You may download a free music plug-in from one of the links below.

Windows Media Player (Mac and PC)

Quicktime (Mac and PC)

If you can see the player, make sure that your computer has speakers and that the volume is turned up. If you can't hear any other sounds on your computer, you probably won't be able to hear music either.

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Why does my browser freeze when I try to upload a sound?

Check the size of the sound file that you are uploading. Your browser will freeze for a few moments while the sound is uploading. If the sound file is large, it could take a very long time to upload. For optimal speed and performance, we recommend keeping the sounds on your page to about 100KB each. Loading large sound files or adding several sounds to one page will make your site take longer to load.

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How can I make the music play throughout the site?

There is currently no way to carry music from the front page over to other pages due to incompatibilities in the code on some browsers.

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