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Adding Members & Secondary Admins / Member Access
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How do I add general members, secondary Admins and change access levels?

You can add members to your site within the Members section of the Admin Access folder. Click the "Add People" link at the bottom left of the Members form.

After inviting a person, they will receive an email with a username, temporary password and an access link so that they can become a member of your site (and eteamz). Once they have confirmed their account, the person will be able to access any pages you have marked as "members-only" pages.

After sending the invitation, you may edit the "Access Level" (Webmaster, Asst. Webmaster, etc.) for the member by clicking on the edit icon located to the right of the member name on the main Member list. You will be taken to an Edit Member form where you will choose the appropriate "Access Level" just beneath the "Invite Message" area. You may also adjust the "Site Access Settings" (restrict access to specific pages) for the member on this form.

Member = Basic member, can access areas of the main site you select for them in the "Site Access Settings" section.

Fan = Basic member, can access areas of the main site you select for them in the "Site Access Settings" section. This person may be someone you do not know and has joined your site by requesting access.

Webmaster = Can access all areas of the main site and the Admin. If you have a League or Organization site, Webmasters can also access team or league sub-site Admin areas.

Note: Webmasters cannot assign a Head Webmaster or another Webmaster. They can assign an Asst. Webmaster.

Asst. Webmaster = Can access all areas of the main site and areas of the Admin you select for them. Use the "Admin Access Settings" area (these settings will display after you choose and update this access level) to choose which areas are appropriate. This section will display after you update the member as Asst. Webmaster.

Note: Asst. Webmasters cannot assign another Webmaster or Asst. Webmaster.

Banned = The member will be removed from your site.

Note: General eteamz members can also request access from the main site if they hit one of your "members-only" areas. You will be notified via email if someone is trying to gain access to your site and you will be able to approve or deny their request for membership within the Members section of the Admin Access folder.

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How do I transfer Head Webmaster status to another person?

If you're the current Head Webmaster, you may assign a new Head Webmaster within the Member section of your web site Admin. You will see a Make Head Webmaster link directly to the right of any existing Webmaster or Assistant Webmaster names. Click this link to make the change. If the person you wish to make Head Webmaster is not a current Webmaster or Assistant Webmaster, you will need to change their access level. If this person is not yet a member of your site, you may invite them as member of your site and then set their access level to Webmaster or Assistant Webmaster.

Note: New members must confirm their account before you can make the change. Their status will show as Invited within your Member section until they have confirmed.

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I can't add a person to my site. Help!

When adding a member, double check to ensure the email address is not in use by another eteamz member (parent, child, etc.). Each member must have a unique email address. Each member on your site is tied to the eteamz database. An eteamz account is created if they have not previously set up a user account.

We implement this restriction for security reasons. We do not want random people creating user accounts under another person's email address. Anyone, if needed, may set up a free email account from one of the services below.

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How do I assign a member Admin access to a specific team or league sub-site?

Note: If you assign a Webmaster or Asst. Webmaster within your main Members Admin folder, they will have access to all sub-sites.

League Sites (assigning Team Administrators):
You may assign a member Team Administrator access to edit a specific team page after you have added a team (Site Type: site-n-site). Within the Admin Teams folder, click the edit icon located to the right of the team name and proceed to click the Team Administrator link near the top of the following Edit Team form.

Organization Sites (assigning League Administrators):
You may assign a member League Administrator access to edit/manage a specific league after you have added a league. Within the Admin Leagues folder, click on the edit icon located to the right of the league name (within the League folder) and click the League Administrator link near the top of the following Edit League form.

Note: After you have chosen a sub-site administrator you may restrict access to specific folders of the Team or League sub-site Admin by clicking the edit icon located to the right of the Team/League Administrator name.

By default, the following folders are shared between the main site and sub-sites. Please keep this in mind if you don't completely trust one of your sub-site administrators.

Schedules - sub-site Admin can add/delete their division schedules
Games - sub-site Admin can add/edit their games only
Scores - sub-site Admin can add/edit scores for their games only
Practices - sub-site Admin can add/edit their practices only
Uploads - Images, Sounds, Videos, and Files

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How do I remove members from my site?

To remove a person who is no longer with your team or is unwanted:

Non-PLUS web sites:

  • Go to the Members section of the Admin Access folder.

  • You will now see a form displaying all confirmed and invited members.

  • Click on the red delete icon located to the far right of the specific member you wish to remove.

  • A small window will display asking "Really delete this member?".

  • Click "yes" to proceed and ban the member.

  • The member will now be banned from your site. The person will remain a member of the eteamz community. They will not need to create a new account.
PLUS web sites:

Remove multiple members from your site at the same time.
  • Go to the People folder in your Admin.
  • Use the small box (to the left of a member name) to check members you wish to remove from the site. You may also click the Check All button (bottom left of form) to select all members from the list you are viewing.
  • Proceed to click the Delete Checked button (bottom left of form) to officially remove the member(s) from your site.
Note: Deleting a member from the People list will also remove the person from the Members section of your Admin Access folder.

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Why must people register when trying to access the message board, chat room, guestbook or other areas of the site?

Our registration helps to ensure anyone under the age of 13 receives parental permission. This registration is in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's ruling for COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act).

Whether playing, shopping, studying or just surfing, today's kids are taking advantage of all that the Web has to offer. But when it comes to their personal information online, who's in charge? In an effort to put parents in the driver's seat, the Federal Trade Commission has established new rules for Web site operators to make sure that kids' privacy is protected while they're online. These rules, which went into effect on April 21, 2000, are part of the 1998 Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

The law requires that Web site operators post comprehensive privacy policies on their sites, notify parents about their information practices, and obtain parental consent before collecting any personal information from children under the age of 13 or allowing kids under 13 to publicly post personal information such as on web pages, bulletin boards or chat rooms without their parent's consent. For kids, this means that they will not have free reign of all that the Web has to offer, unless their parent provides consent.

Basically, the law was enacted not to restrict Web operators from providing services and capturing useful data, but to restrict kids from releasing information about themselves that could allow a stranger to contact them.

For more detailed information on COPPA, please visit:

eteamz also recommends that you share our brief Information for Kids! bulletin with your children so they understand how to be safe on the Internet and why we are asking for parental permission in certain instances.

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How do I adjust the access or close certain areas of my site?

You can make any page of your site a "members-only" page by using the Pages section of the Admin Access folder. Use the drop down window next to a specific section within the "Pages" form to choose the appropriate setting.

Open to All = open the page to all eteamz members
Members Only = open this page only to members of the site
Fans/Members Only = open to this page to both members & fan accounts associated with the site
Closed = close this page to everyone (the page will not be displayed on the site)

Note: If you are the webmaster or a member of a/the specific site, you will not see the login screen to access "members-only" areas even when other people will. Although, if you are not logged in, you will be required to enter your username and password.

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What kind of access do "members" have on my site? Can I restrict one or more members to specific sections?

Anyone you set up as a "member" of your site has access to any "members-only" page, but DOES NOT have access to any Admin functions unless they are given a security level higher than "member".

Webmasters may close specific sections to a specific member by clicking the edit icon located to the right of the member name within the Members section of the Admin Access folder.
Use the "Site Access Settings" area on the Edit Member form to adjust access.

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