Q and A with CA Dist 35 - What has eteamz done for the District?

eteamz: Has your Official LLB Network web site allowed you to communicate with your League(s) more effectively?

Dist 35: Yes! Our District enters District Letters, District News, Tournaments, Rules Clinics, Rule Changes, ASAP Newsletters, Challenger Division, links to our 24 leagues, Calendar of Events and Locations, etc.

The District doesn't mail letters, unless it pertains to only one or two leagues, and then we use the Email List for that league or leagues. We don't print Tournament Brackets anymore. Each league has an Information Officer, and they print the letters, news items, Tournament Brackets and present them to their league. Having the site has helped not having to print all of those items, and passing it out to the leagues. We have been doing this since we got eteamz.com.

All Board Members of our 24 leagues have been invited to our District site as Members. They are able to view everything. We update Board Members of our site when there is any update. The District tries not to send out an update but once every few weeks.

Only Members of the site, which are District Staff, Board Members of our leagues and District 35 Umpires, can view the League Presidents, District Staff, and Little League Forms. Those three (3) Menu Icons are closed to everyone else.

We also have forms for "Want to Become a District 35 Umpire?" and "Become a Member of District 35 Site". These forms can be filled out on site, and submitted to the District's email address. It is amazing how many people will submit a form through email rather then call.

eteamz: Do your participants find the web site convenient and easy-to-use?

Dist 35: Our site is very simple that way items can be located. The leagues do have an easy time finding items. Everything for the current year is on the front page, plus it is either in District News, District Letters, Tournaments, etc. Everything is in least two different places.

All of our Little League Forms can be "Filled out online and printed", and we state that on top of each form. That is a reason for Members to accept their invitation. They now can download the form to their computer and upload to their site, or they can make a link directly from our site to their site that way if the form changes, it also changes on their site.

eteamz: What are some of your favorite web site features?

Dist 35: In this order below...
  • Email List: The District has an Email List for each league, and for the various Board Members titles. We can email a complete league, or only the Presidents, Information Officers, and Safety Officers.

  • I was so glad to see that now we can list 1,000 members, and upload on to our site. That is wonderful. It will help the leagues this year.

  • Can add 16 Titles to the Menu Icons, we have already added 10.

  • Support: Can email eteamz.com anytime and have a response in less then 24 hours except a weekend then 48 hours.

  • Ad Options: We use it for a Little League banner and a flag. Leagues use it for advertising their sponsors.

  • Modify the site labels that are already on the Menu Bar or on Page Access can close what we don't use.

  • Menu Alerts: Set them once, and that is it.

  • Pop-up Message: Use it to announce all the District Meetings. Leagues use it to announce registration dates, try-outs, rainouts, etc.
eteamz: Has your web site kept both you and your League(s) more organized?

Dist 35: Yes. The District prints very little for the leagues. Just about everything is on the District site.

Our leagues are great! The leagues have their Online Registration, Walk-In Registration, Try-Outs, Board Member List, etc on their sites. Some leagues even enter their boundaries of their league on site. Some leagues have Board Minutes on site that way each parent even though they are not a Board Member will know what is happening in the league.

eteamz: Do you find the web site easy to use? Could anybody build and edit a site?

Dist 35: Considering that in August, 2002, at the LLWS, I had no idea what to do when the site was set-up. An eteamz.com representative helped me by telling me to go to the ADMIN section of the site, and just view and read everything before starting. They also stated, which I pass on to our IO's in our District, you will change your format of your site until you finally like the look of the site. Yes, I did do that many times. If I can set-up a site, anybody can. To start the new site on eteamz.com, I copied and pasted everything I had on Myteam.com. I worked from there.

You don't have to know HTML to have a web site. Do I use HTML? Yes. I went to the site eteamz Member Support that is run by two gentlemen, Larry and Dean. You can learn about HTML, graphics, tables, music, etc. The site link is: http://www.eteamz.com/member-support/.

eteamz: Does it make you feel more secure knowing that the LLB network is powered by eteamz.com?

Dist 35: Yes, we know that they are secure. We don't have to worry about entering names of players onto our sites anymore. We can upload them on the Data Center that is part of Little League. It is nice to know that we as a Little League site can locate other Districts or Leagues through the LLB network.

eteamz: Have you tried other web site services? What made you stick with eteamz.com?

Dist 35: The only other site that our District had was on Myteam.com. eteamz.com is much, much better in everyway. Myteam.com was very slow, and unable to do forms that could be emailed. It took forever to update. When we updated the Members, didn't have a choice of who was going to be updated. We have that choice on eteams.com. We choose who we wish to update through emails.

We are with eteamz.com because we are with Little League. If we were any other sports organization, we would still use eteamz.com, it is excellent.

eteamz: Has the Online Registration service saved your League(s) volunteer hours?

Dist 35: This year 9 leagues in our District used ONLINE REGISTRATION. It is easy to set-up, and easy for the parents to use. They can use it at home at their convenience. The leagues had the Medical Release, Volunteer Application on their website and the forms could be filled out online and printed.

We are part of Little League. The leagues prepared a list of the players' names, with addresses, birth dates, and they had all the Online Applications in alphabetical order. There was one station for just Online Registration at the Walk-In Registration, the parent showed the three pieces of proof of residency, birth certificate that is checked against the information already given through Online Registration, and gave the Medical Release, and Volunteer Application. They are finished! The parents liked it; they walked in showed their information and left.

This could also be done at try-outs (evaluations), or the parent could meet with the Player Agent to show and give the proper information.

The league can have Online Registration on their web site for two or three months 24/7. A league isn't going to have Walk-In Registration 24/7.

I forgot one important item; Active.com will help you set up Online Registration!

eteamz: Has the Online Registration service cut the League(s) costs?

Dist 35: I would think that it would, because the parent/s are filling out forms from the league sites and printing them. The leagues would save paper, and postage.

eteamz: Has the Online Registration service kept your player registration process more organized?

Dist 35: I would think that it would, because you will know in advance who has registered through Online Registration. Fewer players having to register at Walk-In Registration.

eteamz: Do your participants find Online Registration convenient and easy-to-use?

Dist 35: Yes. If a league has a problem they call Active.com.

eteamz: Is customer service convenient, fast, and effective for both your web site and Online Registration services?

Dist 35: Our District has always had a response to an email in less than 24 hours and 48 hours if it is a weekend.

Online Registrations questions are only a phone call away. The response is great.

eteamz: Are there any experiences that you would like to share that demonstrate the value of your Official LLB Network web site?

Dist 35: It is nice during Tournament time to be able to check the other Districts as to when and where the Tournaments are located. We always download or make a link to the Tournament onto our site. We were able to do that with all the Tournaments that pertained to our District. We had the Tournaments all the way through the World Series for each Division.

We never had a counter on Myteam.com, but we do on eteamz.com, and it amazed me that we got over 17,000 hits during Tournament time. We had managers, coaches, and others emailing our site with scores of the games after we were eliminated.

I would like to say that it is wonderful that all the sites are different in some way. We all find something we like, and use it to make our site different then the other sites. Thanks for allowing us this.