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How do I change my site name, street address and contact information?

  • Go to the Admin Listing folder.

  • Erase the current "Site Name", "Address Info" or "Web Site Contact Info" located on the form.

  • Enter the correct text within the appropriate fields.

  • Click the "Update Listing" button at the bottom of the form.

  • The new information will now be applied to your site.

Note: The Team, League or Org name is the name used in the eteamz site finder.

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How do I list my site in more than one sport or organization category?

You may list your site in more than one state or organization within the Admin Listing folder.

Click on a sport in the All Sports window. The sport will now be highlighted in dark blue. Click on the arrow in-between the two sections to move your sport to the Selected Sports window. Click the "Update Listing" button at the bottom of the form to update (then the Organzations option will appear).

Use the Organizations drop down window (just above the "Address Info" area) to choose an organization for your site. If necessary, you may choose "no organization affiliation" from the top of the list. NOT ALL sports will have organizations affiliated with them. So, this option may not display for you.

You may also choose more than one organization. You must click the "Update Listing" button before adding another organization.

Your site will be listed under the designated organization category within the eteamz site finder. This will usually take 24 hours to update.

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How can I change my web address?

This FAQ applies to eteamz PLUS sites only.

  • Go to the Web Address section of the Admin Site Appearance folder.

  • Erase the current web address.

  • Enter a new web address for your site.

  • Click the "Change Web Address" button at the bottom of the form.

  • The new address will now be applied to the site.
Note: Due to the amount of sites being hosted at eteamz, we cannot forward an old web address to a new one. If you wish to change your web address, be sure that all of your members know about the change.

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How can I get a address?

eteamz hosts all web sites on it's own domain ( We do not register domains like

Our partner Domain Direct will provide domain registration and forwardig for you at an excellent value. Check out for details.

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