Have an eteamz Site and Preparing for a New Season? See FAQs Below.
Where do I login to edit my site?

If you're a web site administrator (aka Admin), you may login to edit your site via the Admin link on your web site menu. The Admin is where you edit and maintain your web site content. You may also use the general web administrator login page at www.eteamz.com/admin2.


How do I edit the site? "Getting started" information for new Admins.

Click here to access the Admin Manual, which provides a full overview of the entire Admin section (where you edit the site). It will walk you through what to do first on your site and explain how each section works.

The Admin Manual is also located within the Web Site Help area of your web site Admin.


How do I assign a new Head Webmaster (person who edits the site)?

Click here to review full details on transferring Administrators on your site. You will use one of two methods, depending on your situation.


How do I change the web site address?

This FAQ applies to eteamz PLUS sites only.
  • Go to the Web Address section of the Admin Site Appearance folder.
  • Erase the current web address.
  • Enter a new web address for your site.
  • Click the "Change Web Address" button at the bottom of the form.
  • The new address will now be applied to the site.
Note: Due to the amount of sites being hosted at eteamz, we cannot forward an old web address to a new one. If you wish to change your web address, be sure that all of your members know about the change.


How can I get a www.myteamname.com address?

eteamz hosts all web sites on it's own domain (www.eteamz.com/yourteam). We do not register domains like www.myteamname.com.

Our partner Domain Direct will provide domain registration and forwardig for you at an excellent value. Check out eteamz.domaindirect.com for details.


How do I rename my web site?
  • Go to the Admin Listing folder.

  • Erase the current "Site Name", "Address Info" or "Web Site Contact Info" located on the form.

  • Enter the correct text within the appropriate fields.

  • Click the "Update Listing" button at the bottom of the form.

  • The new information will now be applied to your site.
Note: The Team, League or Org name is the name used in the eteamz site finder.


How do I create a new season and archive old data?

This FAQ applies to eteamz PLUS sites only.
  • Within your site Admin, click the Seasons folder.
  • Once within the folder, click the Add Season link (lower left) to assign a date, name and type for the season.
  • Click within the Current Season check box and then click the Add Season button.
You may add as many seasons as you need. The season checked as Current Season will be the default season on the site and when editing in the Admin. If you need to update content within seasons that are not current, be sure to choose the appropriate season from the Select Season drop down (upper right of the Schedules, Division, Teams, Roster and Board Admin folders).

Note: It is best to add a new season each time a new season begins for you. This will allow you to keep all previously entered records as well as separate them from new scheduling content.

You may reassign your players and teams by using the "Pool" located at the bottom of the Teams and Roster edit forms (teams apply only to League sites). Highlight the team or player to reassign, and proceed to click the "Reassign" button at the bottom of the form. The information will be added to the new season form.


How do I archive old News items?
  • Within your site Admin, click the My Site News folder (it may be under a different name if previously changed). You will see a list of News items.
  • Using the check boxes next to each News item, select the items you with to Archive.
  • Proceed to click the "Archive Checked" button at the bottom of the form. The items will be stored and removed from your main web site pages.
Edit other News categories using the Select Category drop down (upper right of form).

To view archived items, click the Go to News Archive link in the upper left of the News form.