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How to Use the Message Boards
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Logging In

If you are already logged into the eteamz message boards, the top bar (upper left of page) will display "Welcome, Your Nickname". Otherwise it will read login. Click on login to complete the eteamz login procedure and be automatically returned to the message board you were viewing.

Note: If you have not already verified your email address, a window will pop up requiring you to verify. You will only need to do this one time.

How to Post a Message

Now logged in, you're ready to post messages on the boards. To post a new message, click on Post New Topic at the top of the message board.

How to Reply to a Message

When viewing any message that you would like to reply to, simply click on Reply to this Message at the top of the message.

How to Edit or Delete a Message

When viewing your message, click the edit or delete icon.

Collapsed vs. Expanded

In the upper right corner of each message board you view, there will be two options, Collapsed and Expanded. When viewing messages on the message board, if you choose to view them in the Collapsed mode you will only see the top-level posts. To view the replies to these messages, then, you would have to click on each message to display the replies. Expanded mode, on the other hand, will display all posts and all replies to posts on the same page.

Flat vs. Threaded

In the upper right corner of each individual message, there will be two options, Flat and Threaded. Reading the posts in Flat mode will display the message you are reading as well as all replies to that message. Displaying a message in Threaded mode will display only the message that you chose, but will list all of the messages in that thread underneath the message.

Updating Your Nickname and Profile Information

A feature of the boards includes removing the ability to post anonymous threads to the boards. Your eteamz nickname and profile will be attached to each message. To change your nickname and profile, simply click the edit profile link on the top bar of the message board page (top left, next to your nickname). Your profile page will display allowing you to change your nickname and other Member Profile information.

Other Interesting Message Board Items:


Whenever Cookies are removed from your computer, the message boards will go back to default settings. Therefore, previously read messages will show as unread. Click here to read more about Cookies.

Red "triangles" on Message Folders -

There will be a red "triangle" on message folders that you have never viewed. Folders without red "triangles" are messages that you have previously viewed.

View Previous/Next Pages

To view other pages, you may use the page bar, located at the bottom of the message board. You may click the number of the page you wish to view, allowing you to quickly skip from one page to another.

Searching Previously Posted Messages

To search for previously discussed topics, click the search link in the top bar of the message board (upper right of page). A form will display where you can enter and choose search details.

Navigating to Other Board Categories and Viewing Threads

To switch categories in sections with multiple message boards, you may use the "Jump to Board" drop down window, located in the bottom right of the page. To change the number of threads you may view on one page, use the "Threads per page" drop down window, located in the lower right of the page (on the same line as the page bar).

Views and Replies

Next to each message on the boards, eteamz tracks the number of times a person has looked at a particular post. This is tracked as the number of Views. Similarly, when in Collapsed mode, the Replies column lets you know how many additional messages are attached to that message in the tread. And, if there is a reply to one of your messages, a image will appear to the right of the replies count.

Note: The times of posts and replies are listed in PST (Pacific Standard Time).

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