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Sunday, June 10
2018 League Champions

Congrats to our League Champions this year.

 For Majors, the Blue Jays came back and beat the Athletics two games in a row in the championship game to take the crown. 


 In Minors, the 4th seeded Blue Rocks went through the tournament undefeated beating the Storm in the championship game.  Congrats Blue Rocks! 


The Nationals lost their first game of the farm tournament but came back all the way through the loser's bracket beating the Red Sox in the championship.  


Sunday, June 3
2018 All Stars

Congratulations to those selected to the All Star teams.  See below for those who will be representing Superstition Little League in this years tournament.  Good Luck!

12 Year Old All-Stars 11 Year Old All-Stars 9-10 Year Old All-Stars
Migual Ayala-Shelley      Candon Cheney Max Abalos
AJ Bopp                    Ryan Christensen Tyson Cutchen
Trevor Cutchen            Easton Doherty Max Fioresi
Alex Fioresi              Cole Donaldson Kai Fliger
Daniel Garcia              Adam Drew Christian Heaton
Peyton Greenman            Kelton Floan Ethan Jantz
Peyton Hare                William Foust Quinton Landreaux
Aaron Karaffa              Case Larsen Tyson Maclay
Sergio Lopez              Keaton Potter Broden Pachello
Noe Peralta                Caden Royer Carson Randall
Ty Skinner                Beau Tarwater Ivan Rubio
Shawn Ellenberger          Talon Wu Nathan Silva
Gabe Wojtulewicz          Griffen Yamamoto Gage Tarwater


Tuesday, May 22
Spring 2018 Regular Season Champs

Congrats to the Spring 2018 regular season champions and runner-ups.  Great season everyone and good luck in the tournaments!


  Majors   Minors    Farm
Champion    Athletics  Storm  Angels
Runner-Up  Blue Jays  Red Wings  Red Sox


Friday, May 11
Spring Tournaments

Tournaments for Farm, Minors and Majors start next Monday the 14th.  There are updated tournament brackets available through the "2018 Tournaments" link to the left.  Scores will be updated ASAP so that you can see how your tournament is progressing.  

 A couple of reminders for the tournament:

1. All pitch counts reset for the first day of the tournament.  Regular season pitch counts are to be used for the duration of the tournament. 

2. Games CANNOT end in a tie.  Regular season inning and time rules remain in force unless the last inning ends in a tie.  California tie break rules will be enforced for all extra innings.  The last out of the prior inning will start at 2B with 0 outs. 

3.  Consistent with the regular season, 8 players must be present at start of game.  The 9th spot in the lineup will be an automatic out until a 9th player arrives.  

 Good luck! 

Sunday, April 1
Picture Day - April 7th

See below for a summary of times for picture day.  

Picture Time Division Team
715am Major Dbacks
720am Major Blue Jays
725am Major A's
730am Major Cubs
735am Coach Pitch Braves
740am Coach Pitch Rays
745am Coach Pitch Royals
750am Coach Pitch Rangers
755am Tball Rays
8am Tball Twins
805am Tball Dbacks
810am Tball Pirates
900am Minors Owlz
905am Minors Storm
910am Tball A's
915am Tball Reds
920am Coach Pitch Marlins
925am Coach Pitch Indians
930am Coach Pitch Phillies
935am Coach Pitch Padres
940am Tball Cubs
945am Tball Angels
1015am Farm Angels
1020am Farm Dbacks
1030am Minors Grasshoppers
1035am Junior Angels
1040am Major Giants
1045am Minors Blue Rocks
1050am Minors Bulls
1055am Minors Emeralds
1130am Farm Dbacks
1135am Farm Red Sox
1140am Minors Red Wings
1145am Minors Mudhens
1150am Majors Pirates
1155am Majors Cards