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Tuesday, February 17

2015 Softball



Sun Valley will be hosting the Gold/Silver/Bronze Grand Slam series in 2015. The dates are as follows:

1st Leg- April 25-26

2nd Leg- May 16-17

3rd Leg- June 20-21

4th Leg- July 11-12

Please fill out the entry form to participate in these tournaments.

The 24th Annual Worth Bats tournament will be held on March 28-29, 2015.

Please visit our Sun Valley Facebook  page.

For the  NSA State Entry Form, NSA POST SEASON ENTRY FORM or the adult softball league registration form, please click on "Tournaments & Leagues" on left side of page.



All leagues will be $360.00 All teams will pay the umpire $10 at the plate prior to starting each game. There will be a $40 forfeit fee that will be paid with league entry. If your team does not forfeit a game, your $40 will be refunded at the end of the sessin, or can be applied to the next session.

If you have a sponsor, you can still pay the full fee of $450, if paid on or before the first week of play. This includes umpire fees.

BIRD DOG FEE!!  If you play league at Sun Valley and encourage a new team to participate, you will get $50 off your league fee. You will recieve this bird dog fee for every new team you get. To get this fee, the new team must tell us at the time they sign up who recommended them.

 We look forward to seeing you at Sun Valley this year.

If you have any additional questions, please call 636-475-3720 or email:


Monday, November 17

Sun Valley is currently taking applications for umpires. We have umpiring positions open for nightly leagues and weekend tournaments. Please call Sun Valley at 636-475-3720 and leave message, if interested.

Wednesday, November 12
NSA National Website

For a complete list of NSA approved equipment and rule book please click here.

Sunday, November 10
Please Visit our Northern Zone

For information about NSA tournaments in the Northern Zone, rules, ways to qualify for post-season play, message board, etc., please visit NSA North's web site. This site is very informative and helpful.

Thursday, December 4
Register Your Team Online for 2013


Go to PlayNSA, Click on: "NSA Registration"(from main page).  Fill in all information-make sure your EMAIL is CORRECT! Example: not just xxx@aol. State/Region Selection-Select STATE and DIRECTOR (Region/Area) your team is registering with.
CHOOSE: MISSOURI and SUN VALLEY. Select team's: Class and Division. (League only teams need to select "Rec" as their class) Select Password-Keep track of this password. Submit Form.
NOTE: You will be instructed where to MAIL the check for the Sanction/Registration fee. Once payment is received, the office will approve your registration and you will receive your registration number via e-mail.

Once you have received your registration number, TOURNAMENT TEAMS MUST ENTER THEIR ROSTERS ONLINE.League only teams do not have to do this. Teams may also enter NSA tournaments online.

Monday, January 24

E-Mail Sun Valley

Sunday, November 10

Or Call us at 636-475-3720